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A New Study Has Revealed The Age Most People Discover Their Favourite Band

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 20 February 2020 at 11.06

The moment you know that you're in this for life.

Do you remember the first time you listened to something that completely changed your life? That moment you realised that a band would be your favourite for years and years to come? 

Well according to a new study by TickPick it may have something to do with your how you spend your adolescent years. 

The study took into account the survey results of 490 parents and more than 500 people reporting on their childhood experiences with music and the results were pretty fascinating.

It determined that there are 10 different factors that influence your listening from as early as birth. They are friends, radio, movies, father, mother, TV, concerts and festivals, siblings, social media and hobbies and interests. 

With that in mind 68% of the parents surveyed said that they tried to influence their kid's listening. 

It went on later to say that the average person taking part heard the band that they would class as their all-time favourite at age 13 and that they were first exposed to 'Explicit music' at 12.5 years old. 

It also said that when it came to the types of genres that parents would try and influence their kids with 62% said punk-rock, 64% said heavy metal and 69% said hard rock. 

So there you have it.

Who did your parents have you listening to at 13? Who in would you say is your all-time favourite band. 

You can check out the whole study for yourself here

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