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A Day To Remember Post Clip Snippet

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 7 October 2010 at 15.06

A Day To Remember post a few seconds of a new track and the internet goes mad, standard response these days right?

A Day To Remember have posted a song clip from new album 'What Separates Me From You', click here to listen to a snippet of a song called '2nd Sucks'.

Like it? So do over 800,000 other people it appears as the buzz on the album and the band continues to build.

Read more about 'What Separates me From You' in our exclusive interview here and stay close to RS as we've got some great ADTR exclusives coming soon. For your info, or FYI as some people say, when we say great we mean brilliant, and we say brilliant we mean absolutelysplendiforouslyunbelievablyawesome.

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