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A Day To Remember Have Collaborated With Jon Bellion, According To Vocalist Jeremy McKinnon

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 5 May 2020 at 12.02

Bet you didn't see this coming!

A Day To Remember's upcoming new album 'You're Welcome' is just around the corner, and sounds like it's full of surprises. 

We caught up with frontman Jeremy McKinnon over Video Call to talk about the process of making the record, and he let us in on what it was like collaborating with so many people. One of those appears to be singer songwriter Jon Bellion!

This is what Jeremy had to say:

"I got to work with so many cool people this time around, and that was the name of the game. Let’s just write as many cool song ideas as possible and worry about being A Day To Remember later. That’s what we’ve done our whole career. We never sit down and say ‘Ok, we’re gonna write a chorus that feels like a punk band here and then have an actual beatdown part here’. It’s never like that. It’s this fluid changing thing depending on what the song needs. So we just wanted to write a good song first then see where it goes.

"We did that with a lot of different people. Colin Brittain, he produced this record and we did a lot of stuff with him and us as a band. ‘Degenerates’, ‘Mindreader’ and then another song on the record I did with Mike Green then we took it to the full band thing in Orlando. Another track I was excited about, I collaborated with Jon Bellion. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my entire musical career. That ended up being the acoustic song on the record. I’m excited. There are just so many amazing moments across the whole thing."

Well, who saw that coming!

You can catch up with the whole video chat right here:

Also, if you haven't heard it already here's the band's latest single 'Mindreader':

And here's some Jon Bellion for good measure:

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