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A Day To Remember Are Teasing Something In The Most Surreal Way

Rob Sayce
Rob Sayce 14 April 2020 at 10.25

Zoom calls? Sure. New songs? Great. Mindreaders? 

A Day To Remember seem to be teasing new music... in a really surreal way.

They've posted a clip of one of their band Zoom calls, where they talk about delays to their album release and people wanting to know what's going on.

Then, they hint at releasing new songs while they're waiting for artwork and a release date... before the subject of psychics comes up. 

The video then switches to a graphic for a Mindreader Psychic Hotline on on 1(352)458-4759...

Mysterious huh?

Call it, and you'll hear a message from a 'mindreader' who directs you to send a text to the number.

If you do, you'll get a reply with a link to "stay in touch with me and A Day To Remember."

Then, there's this from a few days back:

So, we shall see.

In the meantime, you can read our recent Q&A with Jeremy McKinnon here, and check out an excerpt below:

The reality of being in a band doesn’t always cater for when inspiration hits. You never know if you’re working on something that could take the band to a completely different level…
“That’s the thing. You don’t want to take all this time in the first place for you not to be sure of it. You know what I mean? No stone unturned, as far I’m concerned. Let’s give it everything we have. If we think that we can improve something, let’s do it. We’ve missed the deadline anyway. That’s not to say we’re going to push it back any further! But the thing is that we did miss the deadline, so let’s make that matter.”

So how is it sounding? What has changed in terms of what sort of music you want to make since ['16's] ‘Bad Vibrations’ coming out and now? In many ways that was the album where you were able to really do what you wanted freely after having to fight for ['13's] ‘Common Courtesy’…
“Yeah you’re right. ‘Common Courtesy’ was a struggle. The process took a long time and then there was the really big gap of time in-between where we weren’t sure if things were going to work out and if the court case was going to crush us. Then it goes to ‘Bad Vibrations’, which in hindsight everybody needed so they could feel connected to the music again. We thought it was very important to get into a room and be a band again. Whatever comes out comes out. It was about creating together from scratch, which is the first time we’ve done that since the first two albums. So with 'You're Welcome' the difference is being supported by a group of people who respect you and are amazing at their jobs. Having a huge team of people who have great and creative ideas that add to the situation. So I had a bunch of songs saved up this time that I believed in and I had a label who wanted me to write just as much as possible and get me in a room with as many people who I thought were awesome creatively as possible. People would always joke when I came in to a room saying ‘Are we going to write a song with a breakdown or what’ and I would say ‘Let’s just write a really good song and I’ll worry about making it an A Day To Remember song’. That’s how every song we write is written anyway.”

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