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A Day To Remember Are Teasing Something

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 9 April 2020 at 09.41

Could new music be just around the corner?

Ever since it was announced that it would be delayed, everybody has been waiting anxiously for when A Day To Remember's new album 'You're Welcome' would be getting a new release date. 

Well, the band posted a picture on their socials that could be the catalyst.

The image is simply a pair of eyes staring out from behind a sheet of raindrops. What does it mean? A new video? Album artwork? An anime collaboration?

Here's hoping the answer is revealed very soon.

We've already heard two songs that may or may not be on 'You're Welcome' when it drops.

They are 'Degenerates':

And 'Resentment':

We recently caught up with frontman Jeremy McKinnon to chat about how the album is coming along and what we can expect.

So let’s take it back to August when you announced ‘You’re Welcome’. Compared to then, where are you up to with the album now?
“I think we would have said this back then as well, but it’s very close. And when I say that, it genuinely is very close. We’re talking in the very final stages of finalising the last few mixes. The album artwork is well underway and really close to being done as well. So in no time we’re going to be making some announcements.”

So what have the last six months been like for you guys? What were the things that made you want to push things back and carry on working on 'You're Welcome'?
“Honestly, we just didn’t have all of the mixing in place. So there was a song or two that I still wanted to try some things on - because I’m always tweaking things as long as people will allow me to. I’m happy to say that I was allowed to do those things and I think everybody would agree that those two songs in particular sound much better. So it’s really just taking that extra time to try every idea before we call it done.”

So how have you been doing that?
“The thing is that A Day To Remember is not just one band with just one sound. Depending on the track, it sounds like a totally different genre or subgenre of rock. It’s hard for us to mix records because how do you just pick one guy when you have a song which is more on the poppy side and another which is more metalcore? So with this record we’ve been saying ‘Let’s send this song to this guy’ and ‘Let’s send this one to this guy’. We’ve been able to really pick and choose who we think will do spectacular for certain types of songs. So adding multiple people to the mix can really slow things down as well.”

You can read the full interview right HERE

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