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6 Reasons Why The New Protest The Hero Video Is The Most Canadian Thing You Will Ever See

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 5 August 2014 at 15.28

Protest The Hero love Newfoundland, Canada so much that they based their video for 'Mist' around it. Here are some things we noticed about it...

Well there's the video. And here are our favourite bits, eh.

1. This spinkick next to a plastic moose.
Because metal. And Canada.

2. This fisherman throwing down with a beer in his hand.
Look at him go!

3. This van.
It looks like a homemade Mystery Machine. And we're okay with that.

4. These squid.

Not sure there's much more to be said about this one.

5. This fishy kiss.

Nope, not much else we can say about this one either.

6. It's in Canada.
Just look at how beautiful this place is. Well done all involved.

The track is taken from the band's fourth album 'Volition', which is out now via Spinefarm.

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