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30 Seconds To Mars Making A Film About Their Legal War

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 2 September 2011 at 10.53

According to reports Jared Leto is making a film about the band's well publicised legal tussle with their record label.


Jared Leto is reportedly making a film about the legal wrangles that both delayed and inspired the last 30 Seconds To Mars album 'This Is War'.

Music industry voice Bob Lefsetz wrote the following on his site after being interviewed by Leto for the project.

"Now THAT’S a movie star.

He’s making a movie. About 30 Seconds To Mars and its fight with EMI in the wake of the Terra Firma takeover. They were bugging me eons ago, but then faded away, I saw the album came out, I figured the film was shelved. But then Jared himself tracked me down, said it was still on and would I come on camera and testify.


So I drove into the Hollywood Hills on a smoggy Tuesday morning and pulled up to a house that doubles as both a domicile and a studio, not that Jared stays there much, he was on the road 300 days last year. The pool was covered with leaves. This is where he works, there’s not much playing going on.

Even the pool table had a cover on it. To tell you the truth, I’d never seen one of those. But this was the same room where 30 Seconds To Mars cut their last album. In this house. We shot in the control room.

But before we settled in, I wanted to get some background, some context, what this movie was about."

To read the rest of the article click here. For more on Leto pick up the latest issue of Rock Sound by clicking on the cover of Issue 152, out now!


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