What’s Going On With The Wonder Years? - An Investigation

Is there a new album on the way?

Something appears to be stirring within The Wonder Years camp.

Are they about to release a new album? Is new music just round the corner? WHAT EXACTLY IS GOING ON?

To try and piece it all together let's follow the band's timeline over the last few months.

DECEMBER 22 2017
The band change their Twitter profile to all black with the simple message 'SEE YOU IN 2018'. They also tweet saying "Turning the lights out for a bit. New record next year. For now, we rest." They also offer the opportunity to keep up with their movements by signing up to their mailing list.

JANUARY 25 2018
People start receiving postcards from 'The Loneliest Place On Earth', the band's new collective project. It features a drawing of a dog and the words "I'M LAYING LOW/ A STRAY DOG IN THE STREET/ YOU TOOK ME HOME/ WE'RE SISTER CITIES".

JANUARY 29 2018
7" records from Hopeless Records start turning up at people's houses. On one side is a new The Wonder Years song and the other a spoken word poem.

The formula printed on the B-side of the record is actually how you calculate the distance between two points.

The brilliant 'The Wonder Years Shitposting' have posted the full track in two parts:

And someone on Reddit has very kindly transcribed the spoken word piece:

"The world is not as big as I have once believed. I may be smaller yet than I have ever imagined. I have loved as you have loved and I have hurt as you have hurt and someday your wounds will reopen and your pain will be my pain. The current is going to carry it to me. It will wash up on my shores. Of this, I am certain. The distance once felt infinite and now feels meaningless. I am everywhere at once. The expanse no longer vast. The gaps since shut. (reads the formula pictured) How do we measure the distance between desperation? How do we measure isolation if not in loneliness? I left pins on a map. I’m handing you the string. Tie them together. Unite us."

It's all happening. More information as we get it!