Westboro Baptist Church Are Planning To Picket The Fall Out Boy Tour

Because they haven't gone away yet, for some reason.

The Westboro Baptist Church have announced they are intending on picketing the upcoming Fall Out Boy show in Kansas City on September 21.

The show is going down at Kansas' Sprint Centre, with support from Machine Gun Kelly. The hate-group have announced on their website their intention to picket the show.

If their recent protests are anything to go by, it's guaranteed to be a complete washout. Their recent picketing of Vans Warped Tour involved 5 protesters from the church, and a whole lot of bands on Warped Tour sharing a message of love. So it was a bit of a flop, really. The church left after less than 20 minutes.

Fight hate with love.

And remember, 'G.I.N.A.S.F.S.'.