Watch Waterparks Get Interviewed By A Goblin At Warped Tour

Just some more quality Warped content.

One of the best things about Warped Tour is that bands that would usually never cross paths end up being on tour together for an entire summer. These weird friendships result in a whole lot of bizarre and crazy content, and we're very here for it.

The most recent example of this is God's favourite boy band Waterparks crossing paths with goblin-metal band Nekrogoblikon, also on Warped Tour.

While out on the road, Nekrogoblikon hype man John Goblikon has been conducting a series of interviews with bands on the 2018 line-up. Most recently, he sat down with the lads in Waterparks.

Highlights include asking them when their parents will be picking them up from Warped, and talking about actual waterparks. It's a bit wild.

Check out the full interview below: