Watch Members Of Chelsea Grin, Wage War And Dayseeker Step In For Absent Ice Nine Kills Vocalist

It takes a village.

When Ice Nine Kills vocalist Spencer Charnas had to miss a date of Warped Tour over the weekend, a whole lot of other bands lept in to salvage the Ice Nine Kills set.

Spencer posted on instagram that he had to miss the Jones Beach date of Warped to be a groomsman at his best friend's wedding, but that members of Chelsea Grin, Dayseeker and Wage War would be stepping in on vocal duties.

Jones Beach @vanswarpedtour! Unfortunately I will be unable to perform at today’s show as i’m a groomsman in one of my best friend’s wedding. Originally we were hoping to be able to have me fly out to catch the wedding after the set, but as today approached we realized that the time tables were just impossible to make work. Our good friends in @chelseagrinofficial , @dayseeker and @wagewarofficial will be lending us their vocal skills for a once in a lifetime collaboration that no one should miss. I’m so sorry to disappoint anyone but I promise I will make it up to you with a Long Island show very soon ❤️ ��: @jenncurtisphotography

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The performances were pretty great too, with Rory Rodriguez from Dayseeker stepping up to perform 'The American Nightmare', Chelsea Grin's Tom Barber taking on 'Hell In The Hallways' and Briton Bond and Cody Quistad from Wage War subbing in for 'Me, Myself & Hyde\

Dayseeker’s Rory Rodriguez filling in for “The American Nightmare,” Chelsea Grin’s Tom Barber subbing in for “Hell In The Hallways” and Wage War’s Briton Bond and Cody Quistad standing in for “My, Myself & Hyde.”

Check out video of the performances below: