Watch As It Is’ Patty Walters Join Grayscale On Stage At Warped Tour

This is the stuff that Warped Tour is all about.

Over the weekend at Warped Tour in New Jersey, As It Is' Patty Walters joined the lads in Grayscale on stage for a sneaky collab.

Patty took on vocal duties on the Grayscale banger 'Fever Dream', and we were lucky enough to have As It Is running our instagram stories at the time so we have quality video of it going down.

Check out Patty Walters performing 'Fever Dream' on stage with Grayscale at Warped Tour below:

Over the weekend As It Is' Patty Walters joined Grayscale on stage at Warped Tour for a special rendition of 'Fever Dream'

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Is it too much to ask for a studio version with a Patty Walters collab, Grayscale? Just throwing the idea out there.

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