Underoath’s Aaron Gillespie Has Responded To Fan Criticism On Social Media

"We are people too. We read. We hurt. We also spent more time on erase me than on any other record we’ve ever made."

In the face of some pretty brutal and nasty social media criticism of the new direction Underoath have taken with their new album 'Erase Me', drummer Aaron Gillespie has taken to twitter to respond.

In his tweet, he posted a screenshot of a particularly critical comment from a 'fan' on instagram, responding that "We are people too. We read. We hurt".

The criticism-turned-personal attack came for both Gillespie, and the band 'selling out': "Grow a pair. I have looked up to you most of my life. I have watched and studied your drumming for countless hours. You have been more than a hero to me. Your band stirred my passion for music. Y'all sold out. This album is not @underoathband. It's no coincidence myself as well as thousands of fans see this. I get it, we're all getting older now, need to put a little back for when the grandkids come around. But y'all put zero thought into your FANS with this album."

In response to Gillespie's tweet, the scene has rallied around him with tweets in support coming from members of Sleeping With Sirens, The Amity Affliction, August Burns Red and The Word Alive:

The Word Alive's Telle Smith was particularly incensed, and went on a several-tweet rant in defence of both Gillespie and Underoath:

A timely reminder that things said on social media don't exist in a vacuum, and words have consequences. Also just don't be a dick?