The Maine On Getting Banned From Twitter: “I Couldn’t Help But Laugh”

John O'Callaghan and Kennedy Brock stopped by London recently to give us all the details on that hilarious day that they lost their Twitter account.

The Maine's John and Kennedy have told Rock Sound exactly what led to the group getting 'banned' from Twitter recently.

The boys were in London for a tiny show at Camden's Dingwalls venue when we caught up to talk new music ideas and their upcoming acoustic album 'Less Noise: A Collection Of Acoustic Songs By A Band Called The Maine'.

But, we also couldn't fail to mention the recent hilarious scandal that led to Twitter removing their account due to a violation of their age policy, as John explains:

"It really was nothing but Twitter asking us to validate our age...It said something to the effect of 'tell us how old you are even if you're a cat or a business'. We said, ok, we're 11. And they said you're not allowed to be on Twitter unless you're 13 or older. So, some young lady had tweeted and it went, as the kids say, viral, or semi-viral or whatever...A lot of people were like 'who the hell is The Maine and who cares?' (laughs)."

Even if you are grown up men, if your band has only been going for 11 years, you apparently still need parental permission.

But, as Kennedy points out, in the end we were all getting worked up over nothing:

"The whole idea of it was crazier than what was actually happening...The Twitter judge put down the gavel and said we're clear...It became apparent how important it is to us to have it...I couldn't help but laugh at the Rock Sound title of the article, that we're shrouded in scandal and all that (laughs)."

Yeah, we did have fun writing that one up.

The Maine's new acoustic album 'Less Noise: A Collection Of Acoustic Songs By A Band Called The Maine' is available from June 22nd.

Check out our full chat with John and Kennedy from The Maine in the video below: