The Maine Are Teasing Something

It's what we deserve.

The Maine are teasing... something on social media.

Taking to twitter, the band posted a golden cow skull, with the caption "The countdown begins"

Speculation is rife about what exactly the band is counting to. There's a chance it's a countdown to an announcement around the band's festival 8123 Fest, which is rumoured to be returning in 2019.

Or could this be the first look at new album artwork for their upcoming album? We're set for new music from The Maine, especially given that drummer Pat Kirch recently took to twitter to announce that the 'Lovely Little Lonely' album cycle would be ending after Warped Tour.

Adding to that, when we spoke to The Maine in London earlier this year, they revealed they've already started work on the new album.

Whatever they're counting down to, consider us excited.