The Ghost Inside’s Andrew Tkaczyk Has Posted An Update On His Current Drumming Ability

This is so brilliantly inspiring.

With every passing day, the members of The Ghost Inside get stronger and stronger.

The latest evidence of that is in the form of this video posted by the band's drummer Andrew Tkaczyk.

Andrew unfortunately had to have his leg amputated following the devestating bus crash that the band were involved in three years ago.

Yet in this incredibly inspiring clip he shows how far he has come in trying to get back to the level of drumming ability he was at before the accident.

Check it out below:

Today is honestly the first time since our accident almost 3 years ago that I feel close to the level I was playing at when I had two legs. No, it’ll never be 100% like that again but with the help of my Dad and some incredible people, I’ve gotten pretty damn close. The @axispercussion long boards were the third and final piece of the puzzle to making playing drums feel natural again. 1st piece was The Hammer my Dad built. 2nd piece was my trigger setup, and now these pedals. Extremely thankful to Joe Hardy for hooking me up and helping me get back to it. Feeling great about this!

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Just incredible.

As ever, we wish the very best to all of the band.