Palaye Royale On Their Upcoming Headline Tour: “The Final Boom Headline Tour Will Be The Finale”

What's going on?!

Masters of teasing, Palaye Royale have posted a cryptic tweet that has sent fans in to a spin.

In the tweet, the band addresses their upcoming headling tour, posting "The Final Boom headline tour will be the finale".

They follow that up with "Side A + Side B" in reference to their 2016 album 'Boom Boom Room Side A', and their highly anticipated follow up 'Boom Boom Room Side B'.

The choice of wording has the Soldiers of the Royal Council a little stressed:

The band have also shared the tracklisting of their upcoming album 'Boom Boom Room Side B', detailing the nine tracks on the album:

As yet we still have no confirmed release date for 'Boom Boom Room Side B'.