Palaye Royale Have Started Teasing The Release Of ‘Boom Boom Room Side B’ And The First Single

We'll know more this Friday.

The lads in Palaye Royale have taken to twitter to address fan questions about when new music will be released.

While for the most part, the soldiers of the royal councul have been understanding about the delays around the release of 'Boom Boom Room Side B', there have been a handful of questions from fans as well.

It all started with a fan wishing that for Friday 13 that Palaye would be releasing music...

And a lovely interaction where another fan assured the boys that they were ok with being patient (because it's absolutely going to be worth it).

Which is when they ultimately dropped this bombshell:

So here's what we know. The first single from 'Boom Boom Room Side B' is 'You'll Be Fine', and there's already a video for it (which the boys shot on one of the off days on Warped Tour). They've set a release date. And we'll know the release date sometime before this Friday.

Stay tuned, because new Palaye Royale is incoming.