Neck Deep: “Anyone With A Platform’s Duty Is To Do Something Positive With It”

Neck Deep And Beartooth discuss making a positive change.

Hope For The Day have released a video on suicide prevention awareness.

The video features members of Neck Deep and Beartooth.

Neck Deep frontman Ben Barlow had this to say...

"Neck Deep's message and Hope For The Day's message are so similar that they go hand-in-hand.

"Kids sometimes say that last year or two years ago I was in a really rough spot, but I found you guys and Hope For The Day.

"So I feel like there's some good that we can do, as a band. Anyone with a platform's duty is to do something positive with it."

While Beartooth guitarist Taylor Lumley added...

"We got involved as soon as we could.

"We came away to bridge our message as a group with an organisation that's trying to help find solutions for people."

Watch the full video below...