Mallory Knox Have Released Their First New Music Since The Departure Of Vocalist Mikey Chapman

This is 'Black Holes'.

Mallory Knox have released a video for their new track 'Black Holes'.

It's the first new music from the band since the departure of vocalist Mikey Chapman last week.

Bassist and now vocalist Sam Douglas had this to say about stepping up to the plate:

“I think it shows a completely different side to my voice. In taking on lead vocals, that was something I wanted to be able to show from the get go. It's a song we've played at rehearsal for a while and we're all really excited about integrating it into the set."

He also commented on the lyrical content of the song:

“It's all too easy in this day and age to post every single thought we have online, and at times too much can be said. Everybody seems to be so quick to have an opinion on something, which they often know nothing about, and I struggle to defend how much negativity is spouted online. We really wanted to make sure that emotion was captured in the recording and our producer Adrian Bushby really brought out the bare bones of the song in the best way. It’s a conscious effort to go back to basics. We really want the listener to be able to hear every part being played and I feel we've achieved that.”

Have a listen below:

We spoke to Sam on this week's episode of the Rock Sound Podcast all about Mikey's departure and what the future holds for the band.

“Just after we recorded ‘Wired’, so it would’ve been around April last year. Mikey came to us with a conversation at a rehearsal one day saying he just didn’t feel as good about things as he potentially used to. I don’t want to go into the details of the full reasoning because some things are better left kept between friends as we were.

“We did two European tours, one with Enter Shikari and then Simple Plan. There was a month between the two and in that [time] we said that we’d have a meeting because Mikey basically said he was going to have four or five months back in April to keep going at it and see how he was, and then we’d reconvene in four or five months' time. So we were always aware that he wasn’t as happy as he could be, and then when it got to after the Enter Shikari tour, I thought he was a lot more positive, so I kind of put it to the back of my mind. I thought, ‘Well, he’s gone through that now, he’s alright’. I was in a band with him for fucking nine years; I can tell when he’s feeling good and when he’s not, so I did the Shikari tour thinking, ‘You know what? We’re going to be alright’.

“Then two days before the Simple Plan tour, someone brought it up saying, ‘Look, we haven’t got an answer out of Mikey yet, we don’t want to keep hanging 50/50’. So we organized a meeting which was down the local pub in Ely and this is where he said that he was going to be properly leaving the band at the end of the album campaign for ‘Wired’. I remember being pretty blown away by that because as I said, I’d convinced myself he was staying almost because he hadn’t said anything for four or five months, even though I was aware, but he just seemed a lot better in himself.

“Obviously he still had the same reasons for wanting to go, so that was really the timeline.”

“Once we were certain that Mikey was going and we spoke to management, they made it clear that they still backed us. The one worry was that when you lose your singer and your face of course you fucking doubt if you can still carry on, we’d be lying if any of the four of us didn’t have that thought for a day or two, but when management got behind us and said, ‘Start writing some tunes’ that’s what we fucking did.

“It was never like, ‘Right, Sam’s singing, we’re going to write songs as a four-piece’ that wasn’t it, we just said we’re going to fucking write some songs, see how they sound and go from there and that’s what we’ve done.

“We’ve been writing songs since fucking July, August time as a four-piece... people were saying, ‘You should sing it, you should sing it’. I never wanted to do that, I was really happy with my role in the band of being kind of in the back, singing my little parts and focusing on songwriting.

“I never once anticipated having to be the front guy, I never wanted that and to be honest, I still… it is what it is now, that’s how it’s going to be and this is the thing. I’ve had so long to think about it and everything’s been so good behind the scenes for the last five or six months because we really believe in what we’re crafting, but when you announce it like today and people come at it from a fresh angle, it kinda puts you back into that really raw, emotional state.”

“Yeah man, I don’t know how much I’m allowed to say but we’ve got new music coming very fucking soon. That was a priority, we didn’t want to let this just linger, Give everyone this shit news and then not do anything for a couple of months.

“We planned this, we knew it was going to be bumpy, let people digest it and then hit them with something that they hopefully really enjoy. We’ve got this tour booked in April, we’ve got some festivals coming up being announced, I know our booking agent’s working hard behind the scenes to try an fill our summer festival calendar, we’ll have to see what happens there and we’re just going to go at it.

“It’s almost like starting again. On ‘Asymmetry’ and ‘Wired’ we were signed to a record deal with Sony and you have a plan laid out almost for the next four years; album here, album there, single here, tour here. This time, clean slate and that’s how it is.

“I can’t tell you where Mallory will be this time next year. That’s terrifying and exciting, so we’ve just got to go with it and that’s what we’re going to do, we’re going to carry on writing as much as we can from now. We have been anyway, we haven’t stopped writing since September last year and that’s us, that’s all we can do, so hopefully it will have a happy ending in the end.”

You can listen to the full chat below: