Hellions Have Announced The Details Of Their New Album

The era of 'Rue' is coming. 

Hellions have announced their new album.

Here's everything you need to know about it.

1) It's called 'Rue'.

2) It's out October 19 via UNFD.

3) The artwork looks like this:

4) The tracklisting looks like this:

1. (Blueberry)
2. Odyssey
3. X (Mwah)
4. Smile
5. Furrow
6. (Cocoon)
7. Rue
8. (Theatre Of) (feat. Luna)
9. The Lotus
10. Get Up!
11. Harsh Light
12. 26

5) The band have relased the song 'Smile'. This is what it sounds like:

Absolute banger right?

6) It follows the previously released 'X (Mwah)':

And 'Furrow':

Basically, this album is going to be great.