Get A Taste Of The Used’s New Album

'The Canyon' is almost here.

The Used have launched a trailer for their new album, 'The Canyon'.

In it, frontman Bert McCracken explains some of the experiences that influenced the record.

"Growing up in Utah, you grow up very near many canyons," he said. "[The] most precious moments of my childhood and my fondest memories are of times with my family and my friends in the canyon."

"My friend took his life in the same canyon about six or seven months ago, so a lot of the record has been this duelling, Yin Yang type of happy-sad."

"…[We’re] trying to understand mortality and maybe the bigger questions that we ask, why we might be here and what it’s all about."

You can watch it here:

'The Canyon' is out on October 27 via Hopeless Records.

Here's 'Over And Over Again'.

Bert recently spoke to the Rock Sound podcast about the background to 'The Canyon'.

Listen to the full, moving interview here.