Frank Iero Announces New Album, Band Name Change

Meet Frank Iero And The Patience.

Frank Iero And The Patience will release new album 'Parachutes' on October 28 via Hassle Records.

The band - who used to be called frnkiero andthe cellabration - have changed their name because, "When I first started this journey I brought a band along that filled in the gaps of what I lacked. I was uncomfortable in my position so I brought a celebration or a cellabration to distract from my awkwardness," explains Frank.

"Now in my life I need to learn how to slow down and love where I am. I need the patience to appreciate the now."

...The Patience have also unveiled a brand new song. You can hear 'I'm A Mess' below.

"[Recording] was the most heartbreaking yet uplifting, depleting yet inspiring experience I have ever had," confesses Frank.

"I found out things about myself and the songs I was writing that changed me forever. I am so proud of this record."

The tracklisting and artwork are below, too!

1. World Destroyer
2. Veins! Veins!! Veins!!!
3. I'm A Mess
4. They Wanted Darkness…
5. I'll Let You Down
6. Remedy
7. Dear Percocet, I Don't Think We Should See Each Other Anymore.
8. Miss Me
9. Oceans
10. The Resurrectionist, or An Existential Crisis in C#
11. Viva Indifference
12. 9-6-15