Deaf Havana Have Released A Super Aesthetic Video For ‘Sinner’

This new Deaf Havana era is shaping up very very nicely.

Deaf Havana have released the video for their single 'Sinner', and it's quite possibly the most aesthetically pleasing video of the year to date.

'Sinner' is the first single taken from their upcoming album 'Rituals', due out on August 03 through SO recordings.

Check out the video for Deaf Havana's 'Sinner' below:

We recently caught up with Deaf Havana frontman James Veck-Gilodi about the new direction of the band, and what fans can expect moving in to this new era. Here's a taster:

I don’t know really. It’s weird. I came up with the name and the tracks before I came up with the songs. So I guess it represents a big long list of my horrendous rituals. I wanted it to be based around and represent all of the mad parts of my life from over the last 15 years. You could say that some of it is semi-fictional, but as a whole it’s a lot bolder than anything else we’ve done before. I only had one song written at the end of last year so this has all been written in a very quick time. It feels as though a lot of it has been in me the whole time; like this pre-conceived idea.

People are going to think that I’ve sat down and gone ‘what’s next? What’s going to make people care about our band?’ I’ve never been about that. It’s definitely a natural progression for me. ‘All These Countless Nights’, as much as I love it and am proud of it, really isn’t the music that I listen to. I wrote that record with our old fans in mind because it had been such a long time and after ‘Old Souls’ didn’t go down too well I thought that it had to sound a bit more like ‘Fools And Worthless Liars’. In that time my music taste has changed so much. The music I listen to now is basically pop music. I’ve always applied the pop theory to the way that I write music, so in terms of that it’s a logical progression. In terms of sound it’s not a logical progression. This is basically me going ‘I’m going to do what I want now’.

Check out our full chat here.