Caleb Shomo Confirms That Beartooth’s New Record Is Done, Calls It “My Masterpiece”

"This is everything I have, and I honestly have no idea if I can ever top it."

Caleb Shomo has confirmed that the new Beartooth album is finished!

"After a year and a half of coming up with the title and concept, writing songs, writing more songs, writing more songs, tracking, writing more songs, recording, mixing, having panic attacks, losing countless hours of sleep, traveling thousands and thousands of miles, laughing, crying, and non stop rocking... I have finished my masterpiece." he wrote.

"If I died tomorrow I’d be happy with my work. This is everything I have, and I honestly have no idea if I can ever top it."

"Thanks to everyone who believed in me and helped me achieve my dream album, and to everyone who didn’t believe in me, thanks for giving me the drive to prove you wrong. Time to fucking rock."

Cannot wait to hear this.

2016's 'Aggressive' sounded like this:

And this:

Earlier this year, Caleb told us a little about the new album.

He said that...

"It’s rock, it’s fucking ripping guitars, fast drums, the whole nine [yards], but I think one of the things that I got caught up in on the second album was writing a little more externally and not writing from my internal shit."

"The whole first album is all internal, every song pretty much, other than ‘Beaten In Lips’, is about some shit that I’ve been through and things that I’ve dealt with in life and ‘Aggressive’ was definitely more outward, it was more looking at other situations in life. So I went back into myself, I dove back in and when I set the tone for the new album with this first song I wrote, to me personally, one of the most emotional songs I’ve ever written."

"I don’t want to give away too much too early, but it’s heavy stuff man, emotionally. This one song that I have fully written is some of the best melodic stuff I’ve ever written. But there is some heavy stuff coming, like really heavy shit. I’ve been listening to a tonne of metal and a tonne of aggro music so I’m going to try and really bring it back.”

“...I’ve written some songs that I’m kinda scared to release because they’re really fucking dark! It’s shit that I don’t like to talk about. But here’s the reality, when I started Beartooth I told myself, ‘This is my therapy, this is how I deal with my life - writing these songs and putting every bit of honest emotion into it, regardless of who hears it’."