Beartooth Have Announced The Details Of Their New Album


Beartooth have taken to twitter to announce the details of their new album 'Disease', and shared the first single 'Infection'.

'Infection' was leaked online earlier today, and the band have embraced it by posting a direct link to the Reddit post, asking fans to learn it to sing along with them at Warped Tour.

NEW BEARTOOTH SONG - Infection from r/Beartooth

In the tweet, Beartooth have released what appears to be the album artwork, and accompanying track listing.

The artwork looks a bit like this:

And the track listing looks a whole lot like this:

01. Greatness Or Death
02. Disease
03. Fire
04. You Never Know
05. Bad Listener
06. Afterall
07. Manipulation
08. Enemy
09. Believe
10. Infection
11. Used And Abused
12. Clever

That's all the info we've got for now- stay tuned for more!