As It is’ Patty Walters: “We Need To Be Having These Conversations Throughout Our Scene”

"The conversation surrounding mental health, anxiety, depression and suicide is one of the most important conversations to be had right now."

As It Is' frontman Patty Walters has made a video addressing a recent disagreement around mental health that has happened out on Warped Tour.

Following the posting of some tweets by a member of another band on the Warped Tour line-up, Patty has spoken up, and put the situation to bed.

In the video he says "I'm making this video to clarify that our differences are no longer differences. We've crossed paths at Vans Warped Tour today and clarified and settled everything that needed to be clarified and settled between each other. We have reached a point of mutual understanding and forgiveness- and that is fucking amazing."

He continues, talking about his own experience with mental illness "This is the very reason we need to be having these conversations throughout our scene and our society because the conversations surrounding mental health, anxiety, depression and suicide is one of the most important conversations to be had right now. And it is certainly the topic that affects me the most personally- and it's why I've put myself on the front line, and why I run my mouth on stage. Because I don't talk about my experiences or these things to be met with unanimous agreement and applause. I do it because there's still stigmas and misconceptions regarding mental health. Regarding depression, anxiety and suicide that we need to eradicate, destroy and overcome as a society. And we can only do that when we have a conversation. And conversations can't be had with a single rant, or a handful of tweets. Ultimately we need to listen to each other."

He finishes by apologising for the situation becoming messy, saying "I'm sorry that things may have got messy for a moment, but I'm not sorry that it happened. This is exactly what we need more of right now. We need to disagree, we need to listen, and we need to come to agreements and better understandings. So lets keep the conversations going- I certainly fucking will. And let's together try and make this world a better fucking place."

Watch Patty's full video below:

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