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Your Guide To The References In My Chemical Romance’s ‘A Summoning…’

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 30 January 2020 at 14.47

There's lots to unpack here.

My Chemical Romance brought weeks of teasing to a head last night with the release of 'A Summoning...', a 13 minute epic culminating in the announcement of a US tour for later this year. The most impressive part of the clip is the number of references that are littered throughout. And there is a NUMBER.

First of all, here's the video for you to watch if you haven't already:

Now, here's some references for you (we time-stamped them for ease)...

0:10 Mikey’s inhaler and glasses can be seen on the bedside table, from the ‘I’m Not Okay (I Promise)’ video

0:23 You can see PANSY, Frank’s guitar, propped up in the corner

0:27 There are a few things on this pinboard. First, the drawing of the eye is taken from the single artwork for ‘The Only Hope For Me Is You’.

0:27 Also the booklet above the eye on the pinboard is from the DVD of ‘The Black Parade Is Dead'

0:36 The mug on the table reads NJ Department of Corrections, a reference to ‘You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison’, and My Chem's homestate of New Jersey

0:49 Ray Toro's Jet Star Killjoy jacket

0:58 Frank’s skeleton hoody can be seen in the left hand corner

1:13 A gasmask from ‘The Black Parade’ is on the wall. This could in reference to Mother War or the gasmasks worn in the ‘Teenagers’ video

1:20 'Romance', the opening track on ‘I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love’ starts playing

1:35 The inside cover artwork from ‘Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge’ is hanging on the wall, illustrated by Gerard

1:36 The table where candles are being lit is full of photos of friends and family who have passed away – they include Craig Aaronson, the band’s A&R rep who signed them to Warner Records, Frank’s dogs Mama and Sweetpea, Lauren Valencia, Gerard and Mikey’s grandma, Frank’s grandfather, Ray’s dad, and Gerard and Lindsey’s dog

1:36 The statue on the table is Our Lady of Sorrows - a reference to the 'Bullets' song by the same name

1:42 The pentagram drawn on the floor has a copy of each of the band’s album on each corner of it

1:42 We see the Ouija board for the first time too, a version of which was first seen in a tweet from Gerard in 2015

2:05 Through the static on the TV you can see the sigil symbol which was first seen on Like Phantoms Forever

2:08 The hand from the new MCR logo can be seen in the corner of the Ouija board. New Jersey is spelled in the Theban alphabet at the top of the Ouija board as well

2:18 We see a new symbol for the first time on the TV screen

2:27 The oujia board spells out RUN – both said by Grant Morrison at the end of the ‘Na Na Na’ video, and by Gerard in the lyrics to ‘SING’

2:38 We see the Draculoids for the first time, the henchmen that appear in the narrative from 'Danger Days'

2:49 We see the first door and it bares the candle symbol, the first one posted when the band were teasing their comeback

2:55 The keyring to the Hotel Bella Muerte - a reference to a lyric in 'The Jetset Life Is Gonna Kill You'

2:55 The keyring is for room number 519 - referencing May 19, the date of My Chem's last show before they broke up (at Bamboozle Festival, May 19 2012)

2:55 Also, the address on the Hotel Bella Muerte keychain that’s hanging on the wall is 61 Willet Street, NJ - the address of the band’s first practice space

3:11 The bar has an arcade game in the corner called Planet Blaster – The song ‘Planetary (GO!) features the lyrics "This planet’s ours to defend, ain’t got no time to pretend" and "Yeah, let’s ruin everything, let’s blast it to the back row"

3:12 The graffiti on the wall here reads "saints protect her now" – a line from ‘Interlude’ off ‘Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge’

3:23 The war footage being shown on the TV is from ‘The Ghost of You’ music video

3:33 Further to the ‘The Ghost Of You’ theme you can see Ray’s helmet from the video on the shelf behind the bar

3:42 The whole time that we are in this room the music being played is the bassline to ‘Vampires Will Never Hurt You’

3:51 The graffiti on the wall here says a lot of things.
First, there's "Like ghosts in the snow" which is a lyric reference in ‘Vampires Will Never Hurt You’.
Then there is 'Dying in the desert’ which could reference the 'Danger Days' storyline.
Then there are LOADS of XOXO’s, which is how Gerard signs his name.

3:55 The ‘Starved To Death In the Land Of Plenty’ sign can be seen in the corner of the bar, which is held by Mother War in the video for ‘Welcome To The Black Parade’

4:02 The second door bears the droplet, the second symbol posted by the band when teasing their comeback

4:36 The music playing in the background is an organ based version of ‘Helena’

4:41 Then we see the order of service from the ‘Helena’ video

4:59 The couple at the front of the church turn to make the ‘Life On The Murder Scene’ cover art

5:13 The dance done here is the exact same as the one in the ‘Helena’ video

6:06 The matchbox here says ‘Fire At Will’ – a lyric from ‘Thank You For The Venom’

6:34 A wheelchair can be seen in the background, similar to the one that The Patient sits in in the original press shot for 'The Black Parade'

6:36 The Rorschach graph is a reference to the character of the same name from Watchmen. MCR recorded a cover of Bob Dylan’s ‘Desolation Row’ for the film

6:55 The image here is the exact same one that was posted on My Chem's social media a few weeks back

7:01 The Heart monitor reaches the BPM that ‘The End’, the opening track on 'The Black Parade' starts on

7:05 Then when heart monitor cuts out the numbers on it read 05/18/12, in reference to the date of the death of the band

8:04 "Killjoys make some noise" – a direct quote from Dr. Death Defying. The car is then playing ‘Na Na Na’

8:36 The croquet set from ‘I’m Not Okay’ can be seen on the floor

9:35 The séance taking place is conducted in the shape of an octogram. An octogram is said to which represent beginnings, resurrection, salvation and super-abundance

10:29 The door that we see here which bears the new symbol isn’t red, like the other doors we have seen

12:44 The jacket we see here is not one of the member’s 'The Black Parade' jackets. In the video for ‘Na Na Na’ they had Bob Bryar’s marching jacket, but this isn’t one of their custom ones. So whose is it?

13:11 You can see just a glimmer of a shadow here. At the end of ‘Goodnite Dr Death’ the line "You may be gone, but here in the desert your shadow lives on without you" is uttered... so whose shadow is living on without them?

Are there any we've misssed?

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