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You Me At Six’s Josh Franceschi: “I Wasn’t Scared Of Not Being, ‘Josh From You Me At Six’…”

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 12 January 2017 at 17.50

“I don’t think even we thought we’d still be a band after 10 years… at least not in this one,” confesses You Me At Six frontman Josh Franceschi.

“Certainly, nobody thought we’d still be at the level we’re at now. So when you walk away from something for a few months, there is always going to be anxiety about what you still have to offer.”

It seems that’s where the band’s collective mindset was at, if drummer Dan Flint is to believed.

“When you’ve been a band for as long as we have: we’ve toured the world, we’ve played all the arenas in the UK, and finished at the O2 – life’s pretty sweet at that point, and maybe you don’t have too much to say?”

It was much more than that for their vocalist, though.

“Maybe part of me had come to the conclusion that life after being a musician would be fine; I wasn’t scared of not being, ‘Josh from You Me At Six’…”

Thankfully, a support network that included his fiancé, the band’s manager and Infectious Music founder Korda Marshall [the man who discovered the likes of Muse and Alt-J], were around to remind him why being Josh from You Me At Six wasn’t so bad.

Over dinner and a frank exchange, he and the label boss thrashed things out.

“‘I see so much unfulfilled potential in you’ Korda told me, so I was like, ‘Look mate, cards on the table, I’m not sure how committed I am – the band everyone expects us to be, I don’t want to be.’ It wasn’t a question of me being committed to You Me At Six, it was a question of my role, and I only ever want to go through that process with my brothers if I know they’re getting the best version of me. So there were a few months of clearing of my head…”

Which is precisely what happened. Everyone stepped back and took the opportunity to do things they’d never had a chance to: travel, catch up on lost time with friends and family, listen to different eras and genres of music, while also pondering the next phase of You Me At Six-life.

“We had to find that fire in our bellies again,” Dan asserts. “We needed to find something to say…”

And that something was new album 'Night People', a fiery beast of a modern rock record which is out RIGHT NOW!

This is an extract from You Me At Six's interview in this month's Rock Sound. Hit the links below to get your copy WORLDWIDE.


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