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7 Songs That Are Probably About Girls, But Could Actually Be About Dogs

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 30 April 2018 at 12.24

One of the most beautiful things about music, is that often times lyrics are left ambiguous enough for individual interpretation. 

You might say that these are freely interpreted by us. To that we say "you literally can't prove that these songs weren't written about a dog" (unless you are the writer of any of these songs, at which point... fair?).

01. 'Lula On The Beach' - Seaway

Let's kick it off with one of the most convincing ones on this list. 'Lula On The Beach' could definitely be about a girl, but is far more likely to be about a dog. This theory is backed up largely by the video, but also the lyric "Head out the window, not surprising". 

02. 'Runaways' - All Time Low

Aaah 'Runaways' by All Time Low. A romantic tale of two star-crossed lovers on a mission to run away together? Or the story of a boy and his dog running away to seek adventure? It's the second one. It's a story about a boy and his dog running away to seek adventure.

03. 'Underdog' - You Me At Six

The word dog is in the title. Song about a dog: confirmed.

04. 'Emily' - Lower Than Atlantis

Honestly, just listen to it. This is crammed with dog-related puns. It's so on the nose. The wet nose. Emily is a dog, and not a girl: confirmed.

05. 'The Last Of The Real Ones' - Fall Out Boy

"You're the last of a dying breed" dog breed? "I was just an only child of the universe, and then I found you. And then I found you" sounds like someone adopted a dog who became an important part of their life. 
Dogs can have therapists. 

06. 'Take Me Under' - Man With A Mission

There are definitely a couple of dog-related lyrics in this. Thinly veiled ones like "stuck in my cage" and a reference to bones. Add in the context of the wolf masks. It's about dogs.

07. 'Dark Days' - PUP

We're veering in to the territory of 'could pull a muscle with this incredible reach', but hear us out. The band's name is PUP. The word PUP is right there. Also, there's a very real chance that this serious and brooding number could be about mourning the loss of a dog. 

Bonus: 'Crave' - Waterparks

It's an honourable mention. The boys in parx are dressed as dogs. There are a number of furry friends in the video. The song may not be written about a dog necessarily, but it's certainly dog-adjacent. 

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