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8 Songs That Would Make A Better National Anthem Than The Actual National Anthem

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 4 July 2018 at 14.12

Because it's time for an update.

National anthems. Every country has one, but more often than not they're just a bit... lame?

As a result we put forward a handful of scene anthems that are better alternatives and that we will henceforth be recognising as the national anthem. For everywhere. Thank you.

'The Anthem' - Good Charlotte

We're easing you in with what has to be the most obvious choice. It's literally called 'The Anthem'.

'Dear Maria' - All Time Low

From that first cough, through to the final chord- this is an anthem in every way. 

'American Idiot' - Green Day

Presented without comment, but with a very very pointed look.

'The Downfall Of Us All' - A Day To Remember

It's a two-fer because A) it's a banger and everyone knows all the words, and B) 'The Downfall Of Us All' perfectly describes society right now.

'Sorry You're Not A Winner' - Enter Shikari

Because, obviously.

'Anthem' - Blink-182

Presented because it's called 'Anthem', and it fills you with a patroitic feeling.

'Famous Last Words' - My Chemical Romance

All that we're saying is that the way that things are going down in America right now, the name is appropriate. That's all we're saying.

'Grand Theft Autumn' - Fall Out Boy

Pete Wentz may have stopped introducing 'Grand Theft Autumn' by proclaiming "Please stand for your national anthem", but the fact that he's stopped doesn't mean we don't still recognise it as the official national anthem for the scene.  

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