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10 Of The Strangest Merch Items Bands Have Ever Released

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 20 June 2018 at 13.21

Bathbombs and cocoa and hot sauce, OH MY!

T-shirts are standard, and hoodies are done to death. We love them, we buy them, we wear them until they fall apart.

But we can't help but love it when bands do the unexpected. The merch items we didn't ask for, but desperately need. Here's some of the best bizarre merch items that bands have sold.

Warning: there's fidget spinners ahead. 

01. Don Broco's Don Brewco coffee and Don Cocoa hot cocoa

It's a surprise that more bands haven't venrured in to the world of hot beverages, honestly. But it's hard to go past Don Broco and their puns, coffee, cocoas and mugs. 

02. Fall Out Boy's 'MANIA' bathbomb

Launched off the back of Pete Wentz' bath-time Q&A, these lavender-scented bathbombs came with a copy of 'MANIA', and a video PSA of Patrick Stump advising you against eating them.

03. Weezer's snuggie

2010 was a different time. This Weezer snuggie (or Wuggie) was genuinely manufactured and sold. And it looks so cooooooool.

04. Rammstein's set of bespoke dildos

Words escape. The set comes with 12 dildos, lube and handcuffs. Sure.

05. Neck Deep's 'Worlds Best Band' mug, channeling The Office

'Neck Deep Inc. A Pop Punk Company'

06. State Champs and their 'Slow Burn' hot sauce

It's mango habañero flavoured, and is a 10/10 pun.

07. Ghost's butt plug box-set

The Ghost Phallos Mortuus Ritual Box Set came in five different sizes, from "Men's Small" all the way up to "Men's Extra, Extra Large". Sure. 

08. My Chemical Romance and their set of ray-guns

They were exclusively limited to a small number of boxsets for the release of their album 'Danger Days: The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys'

09. All Time Low's underwear collaboration

The Ethika collaboration in both mens and womens styles. Check them out here.

10. Fall Out Boy's purple, light-up, bluetooth speaker fidget spinner

Meme-lords Fall Out Boy dip in to the list for a second time because of COURSE we need to talk about the fidget spinner. Of course we do. It's the most extra thing ever. We'll take six. 

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