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Exclusive: ‘World Record’ Track By Track With Lower Than Atlantis

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 19 April 2011 at 14.23

As the album streams online find out what ‘World Record’ means to Lower Than Atlantis vocalist Mike Duce.


Lower Than Atlantis are streaming their third album 'World Record' on Myspace right now.

Start the player going and have a read through what frontman Mike Duce said about each song on the exclusive album track by track below. If you are a sufficiently skilled multi-tasker then click here and order yourself a copy of a truly great British rock album. It cannot, will not and shall not disappoint.

01. (Motor) Way Of Life
This song is about our time touring in a band. The good and the bad, the legal and the illegal and a whole lot of time stuck in the van!

02. Beech Like The Tree
This song is about my friend Josh. He's a model and doing really well for himself. He always helps out the band and myself but I still think he's a jammy sod!

03. High At Five
This one's about my overactive brain and how I'm unable to switch it off. I tend to over think a lot of things which usually ends up with myself in panic mode and just generally being bummed out.

04. Uni 9mm
Being the age we are, the majority of our friends at home have graduated university, got jobs and are starting 'real life'. We can't help but envy that with us being so poor all the time. We're truly grateful that we get to do what we do but there's always that 'what if'?

05. Another Sad Song
Me being me. This was a fun one to record because Eddy's [Thrower, drums] dad came into the studio and recorded trumpet on the track for us.

06. Marilyn's Mansion
I was always building dens in the woods with my dog as a kid. I'd spend hours meticulously planning the construction and I felt like even if zombies attacked, I'd still be safe in my little shack. I wish I had somewhere like that now I'm a bit older but it's hard always being away from home. Our friend Matt Rider from The Holiday Plan guests some vocals on this one too.

07. Deadliest Catch
Another song about a girl! I won’t bore you with gory details. The video for this song was made from fan submissions and it's probably my favourite to date!

08. Bug
We toured with a band in Europe and I had a thing with the bass player. It would never have worked with us both being on tour all the time (and the fact that she had a boyfriend...) but she lead me on and we don't speak anymore. Bug was my nickname for her. Lame eh?

09. Up In Smoke
I've smoked since I was about 11 or 12 years old and it pretty much controls my life. I wish I had NEVER started and am constantly trying to quit. I've tried literally every method but I've (sort of) come to accept the fact that I'm a smoker and that's that.

10. Could You? Would You?
This song's about my friend’s shitty girlfriend. She treats him like crap and I hate her. I'm not naming names

11. Working For The Man By Day, Sticking It To The Man By Night
This song's about my old job as a labourer for a bricklayer. I'd been doing this on and off since the age of 16 (before the band) and music was the only thing that kept me going during an occupation I hated. I'm trying to convey a kind of 'Hey man, it's ok. We all go through some shitty experiences at work' kind of message in the lyrics.

12. R. O .I
This song's about where my family are from in Ireland and how I miss not being able to visit due to a busy schedule.

Lower Than Atlantis will be touring the UK with We Are The Ocean at the end of the month. Dates are as follows:

27 - CARDIFF Millenium Music Hall
28 - LONDON Electric Ballroom
29 - MANCHESTER Academy 2
30 - GLASGOW Garage
01 - NEWCASTLE Academy 2

Get tickets by clicking here.

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