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With Confidence: A Day In The Life On Warped Tour

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 27 July 2018 at 22.45

Viva la Warped Tour.

The final ever Warped Tour is making it's way in to the home stretch across the USA. We checked in with With Confidence guitarist Inigo Del Carmen, and have him walk us through a typical day out on Warped for the aussie lads. Over to Ini:

07:30 - Wake up and have a cuppa, and find out where the hell we are today.
I also check the temperature in the hope it’s below 90 degrees Fahrenheit because apparently some places in America are actually on the surface of the sun (eg. Arizona). Then we get dressed according to the weather and head out to unload the production truck!

08:00 - Once the production truck for our stage is unloaded Josh and I normally go get breakfast and chill for a bit.
It’s cool cause if you get to catering early enough, they normally have a bunch of doughnuts. It’s the best.


09:00 - After breakfast we head back to help set up merch.
Then our merch girl, Gina, yells at us because we don’t know how to do things properly and she sends us to put up posters around the venue instead. Set times get released around 9am daily and our TM Scott will text through what time we’re playing.

10:00am - Posters normally take about 20 minutes then we head back to merch and annoy Gina before doors open. 

11:00 to 13:00 - Normally we’ll chill at merch for the first few hours unless Gina kicks us out again then we head back to the band wagon to play Rocket League.

14:00 - Before we play our set, we head to the stage a bit earlier to set up our gear and sound check.
My sound check repertoire normally consists of songs by Weezer, Nirvana, Safe To Say and Jack Johnson. Once we jam out for a bit it’s time to play the songs we actually wrote.  

Photos by Amber Paredes

15:00 - LUNCH TIME.
After the set is done we’ll normally have a signing but today it’s later in the day so we all head out to grab some lunch. Lunch time is the best time to meet new people and chat for a bit over a nice meal. I normally try to sit with different people every time I go because it’s nice to make new friends even though it can be quite daunting at first. I actually met one of my best friends at lunch time catering in New Orleans back when we did Warped in 2016. 

Photo by Amber Paredes

16:00 - After lunch we head to the tent we are doing the signing at and hangout and take photos with fans.
I have this weird thing about personal space so if you see me posing weird it’s just because I’m fighting my anxiety. 

17:00 to 20:00 - Now most of the things that need to be done are done, I’ll either chill at merch, get dinner, hangout, see other bands play (if they haven’t already played yet) like The Maine, Trash Boat, Knuckle Puck, As It Is, Movements etc or just explore. 

21:00 - Before the end of the day, I’ll head back to merch to help pack down and carry everything back.
Then once everything is packed in the trailer, it’s time to chill! Most of the time, we’ll all break away and do our own little things like walk to the BBQ and hangout, go to someone else’s bus and hangout, play werewolf with the other bands, stay on the bus and play video games or just relax in your bunk and watch Netflix. 

23:00 - Before I go to sleep I normally FaceTime my dog and my beautiful girlfriend because I love and miss them so much. Mostly my dog. Just kidding. I love them equally. Then we eat, sleep, repeat. 


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