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Why Do People Keep Giving Real Friends’ Dan Lambton Baby Sunglasses? An Investigation

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 25 July 2018 at 10.33

It's the biggest mystery of Warped Tour. Rock Sound investigates.

Honestly, what the hell is going on here? What are these? SUNGLASSES FOR ANTS?

Our investigation begins on Sunday, June 24 when one Real Friends frontman Dan Lambton posted a selfie at the Ventura, California date of Vans Warped Tour. 

The selfie caption simply stated "Somebody gave me baby sunglasses today". No further explanation is offered.

Then we had a quiet patch, and we all thought the case had gone cold. That the baby sunglasses were a one-off. We became complacent. 

Until Saturday July 21, where one Dan Lambton posted another selfie wearing baby sunglasses at his hometown show of Vans Warped Tour at Tinley Park, Chicago. 

At this point we had no leads on who is supplying the Real Friends frontman with such poorly-sized sunglasses. 

This is where the investigation had to pick up pace rapidly, as there began a dramatic influx of baby sunglasses.

From Sunday July 22, multiple pairs of baby sunglasses were presented to Dan Lambton. 

At this point we had to acknowledge that the baby sunglasses had become an in-joke between Real Friends and their fans. And as the joke increased in popularity on twitter, so too did the number of pairs of sunglasses for infants being gifted to Dan Lambton.

And it suddenly became clear where these baby sunglasses were coming from

As such, Monday 23 July saw another two pairs of baby sunglasses on the face of one Dan Lambton.

And Tuesday 24 July saw a bumper crop of baby sunglasses, with four pairs presented to the frontman. 

The reasons why Dan Lambton of Real Friends continues to be gifted with multiple pairs of baby sunglasses remain unclear. This investigation remains open.

However, one thing is absolutely for certain: 

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