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We’ve Heard The New Sleeping With Sirens Album. This Is What It Sounds Like.

Tish Hart
Tish Hart 4 March 2015 at 13.57

Sleeping With Sirens' fourth studio album will be released in just under two weeks. In RS198 (order it here, download it here, or pick it up from your local shop today) we give 'Madness' a full review, but here's a bit of what it sounds like if you haven't read that just yet...

1.Kick Me
We already know this one don’t we? Remember? Sleeping With Sirens' fourth album begins by putting you in the same room as them. ‘Kick Me’ starts by filling your ears with static before giving you a nice clean guitar intro. The beat stays fairly steady throughout, with Kellin's line of “You don’t know shit, shit, shit! You don’t know a goddamn thing about me!” providng an early album highlight. Powerful stuff.

2. Go Go Go
Hang on… we know this one too, don’t weEverybody likes summer, and this track sounds like we’ve been thrust into whichever mid year month has held off the rain the longest. The steady percussion beefs out during the chorus, which is something SWS to do really, really well. This is going to be a fun one live. Definitely.


3. Gold
Gold is one of the tracks on the album that is a little (read, lot) more pop than punk. The build up to the chorus is extremely upbeat, with subtle chimes and backing vocals filling things out beneath the vocals. This is a first kiss tune, this one.

4. Save Me A Spark
Remember Hey Monday’s song ‘Candles’ or The Rocket Summer’s ‘Do You Feel’? Good. Now imagine they matched on Tinder, met, got drunk and went home together. That's what 'Save Me A Spark' sounds like. And that isn’t a bad thing.

5. Fly
'Fly' is undeniably one of the stand out tracks on 'Madness'. With big vocals and an even bigger chorus, Sirens would be silly not to release this as a standalone single. The raw emotion in this song comes through as Kellin sings, “I want to fly, I’m ready to burn down all the walls that I’ve been building up inside”. Sing it Kellin. We feel ya, we really do.

6. The Strays
This is one of the slowest songs on the album; there's none of that big build up that we've seen across most of the earlier tracks. The instrumentation is subtle, which is well-suited to the gentler side of Kellin's vocals. There’s a nice whistle-y part, too.

7. Left Alone
The whole song is extremely haunting, from the distant guitar to the echo-y vocals. Kellin singing  “I’d rather you lie, than throw it all away” sits comfortably in the darkness of the track surrounding it. This one's a break-up song. 

8. We Like It Loud
YAY, SCREAMS. Brief screams, but nonetheless, screams. This one does exactly what it says on the tin: it's meant to be played at maximum volume, which is exactly what you should do. It's also the shortest track here (at under two-and-a-half minutes), so you should expect to be repeating this one. A LOT. 

9. Heroine
This is another slow one. Although less haunting than 'Left Alone', there is an obvious similarity. The stand out lyric in this track is “Heroine, the sweetest sin, I can’t seem to get enough”, Kellin sings with a conviction that really hits you in the first chorus. The last verse gets a little 'Pretty. Odd'.-era Panic! At The Disco, vocally... in a good way.

10. November
Yup, it's another slow one. 'November' is noticeably more down-beat than 'Left Alone' and 'The Strays'; you should listen to it when you’re a bit upset and looking out of the window on a train. This and 'Left Alone' are, like, the perfect break-up duo.

11. Better Off Dead
This one is dark. Like, really dark. Especially in the lyrics, as Kellin sings, “She said she wants to end it all when she’s alone in her room”. Despite the slow start, it grows more upbeat as it progresses and includes some of the sassiest lyrics within 'Madness'. “You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone” is the stand out chorus lyric, juxtaposing its dark lyrics with one of the most upbeat melodies here.

12. Madness
It’s always nice to hear a little acoustic guitar after being taken on an emotional journey by an album. The title track puts you on a bit of a cloud, gives you a breather, like that lemon thing that comes in between courses in a fancy restaurant. 

13. Don’t Say Anything
There's a huuuge intro for the last song on the album, while the chorus contains lyrics such as  “breathe in, breathe out, some way, some how” which Kellin sings almost a cappella, giving 'Madness' its emotional climax. Sleeping With Sirens know how to make an album full of bangers, and with the perfect mix of their old and new sound in here, 'Madness' has something for everyone.

Madness will be out on March 16 through Epitaph. You can pre-order it now through iTunes and Amazon

SO! If you liked the sound of that you can read our full review in our latest issue RS198 (order it here, download it here, or pick it up from your local supermarket RIGHT NOW).

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