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We’ve Done The Maths On Just How Big Of A Hit Panic! At The Disco’s ‘High Hopes’ Is

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 1 December 2018 at 09.20

And it's pretty damn impressive.

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'High Hopes' is officially Panic! At The Disco's highest charting single. The chart record previously held by 'I Write Sins Not Tragedies' was beaten by 'High Hopes' last week, when 'High Hopes' rose to number six on the Billboard Charts. Before last week, 'I Write Sins' had been holding strong with its number seven chart peak since its release back in 2006.

Now here's the thing. 'I Write Sins' was a hit. A massive hit. A breakthrough HIT. So for 'High Hopes' to top it? That's an achievement. An achievement worth doing a little bit of maths on. Get your calculators out- we're getting nerdy. 

Let's start off with Spotify. 

'High Hopes' was released on Spotify on May 23, 2018. At time of publishing, it is November 29, 2018. That means that we are 190 days AROHH [After Release Of 'High Hopes]. 

Since its release, 'High Hopes' has been streamed on Spotify 212 million times. That's a whole lot. For context, if you were to listen to 'High Hopes' yourself 212 million times, it would take you:
1,288 years
67,155 weeks
470,081 days
11,281,942 hours


But that's not all! Since the release of 'High Hopes', it's been streamed on Spotify 1.1 million times every single day. EVERY SINGLE DAY. 

To put that in to context, every single minute since its release, 'High Hopes' has been listened to on Spotify 982 times. Every minute since May 23, 2018. 


Now, let's replicate our study with the video. 

The video for 'High Hopes' was released August 27, 2018. So today, we are 94 days AROHHTV [After Release Of 'High Hopes'- The Video].

Since its release the 'High Hopes' video has been watched 61.5 million times. 61.5 MILLION. 

So the official video for 'High Hopes' has been watched 653,595 times every day since it was released. Which means that every single minute since it was released, it's been watched over 573 times. 

Now. One last piece of maths, and then you're excused for the day.

If we take the streaming numbers for both Spotify and YouTube and combine them... since it was released 'High Hopes' has been listened to:
1,442,536 times per day
60,106 times per hour
1,001 times per minute

What we've learned here is that 'High Hopes' is a designated hit. We'd safely assume that Brendon Urie had 'High Hopes' that it would be this big.

Class dismissed.

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While you're here, might as well watch it again, right?

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