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We Stitch These Wounds: A Snapshot Of Black Veil Brides’ Rise To Dominance

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 20 July 2018 at 12.23

8 years ago Black Veil Brides released their debut album 'We Stitch These Wounds' and launched an empire. After revealing that they are going to be re-recording the record in the near future, we thought it right to look back on its release and how a phenomenon was born. 

Before 'We Stitch These Wounds', the name Black Veil Brides had only been uttered in passing. A fresh face on the scene with a fire in their belly and a song on their lips.

You can check out the band performing one of their early tracks 'The Gunsling' way back in 2007 to see just how things started.


Anyway, the band's first official video ever was for the now legendary 'Knives & Pens'. An in-depth look into the treatment of those who look different, it was clear to see this was a band with big ambition on the mind and an even bigger message to deliver. 

The band's look was very different to what we would come to expect in later years, yet the attitude and sheer charisma of Andy Biersack was shining through almost instantly.

It wasn't until 2009 that the band would give it a proper bash in the studio for their full length debut. With the line-up that we know and love today and recording on a low budget with "Blasko", G. Preston Boebel and Josh Newell taking the production reigns, 'We Stitch These Wounds' started to take shape.

Imagery wise, the band started to pile on the theatrics more and more. What would then become the standard in the coming campaign for 'Set The World On Fire' was taking shape. Characters were being built and confidence was building.


Sonically 'We Stitch These Wounds' wasn't the freshest sounding album you've ever heard really. The lack of budget meant that the size of the songs on show couldn't reach the heights that they needed to, yet the blueprint for something truly special was there.

The band combined the pomp of classic rock with budgeoning metalcore in a way no other band had attempted let alone managed and delivered it with a flair that was near impossible to ignore. 

More than anything, the progress the band had made since their inception was evident as well.

EXHIBIT A: The difference between Andy's voice on the original and the new version of 'The Mortician's Daughter'.

EXHIBIT B: The complete glow up that was 'We Stitch These Wounds'

EXHIBIT C: How much bigger and bolder 'Knives & Pens' sounded. 

That wasn't all that the album offered though. 'Children Surrender' was chock full of woah-ohs ready to chanted in the biggest of stadiums, 'Never Give In' gave all those outcasts on the other side of the stereo something to cling on to with 80's hair metal styled riffing and closer 'Carolyn' was the tearjerking love song that we all deserved.

A year on from release, the band would be global superstars. Sophomore effort 'Set The World On Fire' would drop in June of 2011, the band would spend the whole summer on the Vans Warped Tour and the rest is history. 

What Black Veil Brides have achieved since is nothing short of astonishing. From building a scene all of their own and inspiring hundreds of thousands of kids to believe in themselves to disproving all the haters Yet it's so important to know where they came and how they started. To see the distance they have travelled is mindboggling and long may it continue. 

Yet we must never forget that without 'We Stitch These Wounds', there would be no BVB. 

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