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We Put These Band Names + Descriptions Into A Thesaurus And Now We Feel 50% Smarter

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 18 January 2018 at 12.34

If you didn't already know today is officially Thesaurus Day. SO to celebrate such a prestigious occasion we have taken some extracts from various band's Wikipedia pages, flicked through a thesaurus and made them sound an awful lot fancier. 

You are welcome. 

See if you can work out who we are talking about!

Established by adolescent acquitances Ryan Ross, Spencer Smith, Brent Wilson and Brendon Urie, Hysteria At The Nightspot cataloged its first demos while its associates were in high school. Soon after, the band recorded and released its inaugural studio portfolio, 'A Delirium You Can't Perspire Away'. Universalized by the second single, "I Inscribe Wickedness Not Adversities", the album was accredited double platinum in the US. 

The company commenced from Chicago's hardcore punk landscape, with which all members were immersed in at one point. The group was cultivated by Pete Wentz and Joe Trohman as a pop punk side affair of the members' individual hardcore bands, and Patrick Stump joined shortly thenceforth. The band's 2005 major-label quantum leap, 'Deriving Out Of Beneath the Cork Shrub', produced two knockout singles, "Saccharin, We're Movin Bottomward" and "Shimmy, Shimmy," and went dual platinum, revolutionising the group into big cheeses and manufacturing Wentz into a preeminence and tabloid fixture. 

Incepting as a high school band, the band discharged their debut EP 'The Three Words to Remember in Dealing with the End' in 2004 through parish company Emerald Moon. Since then the band has discharged seven atelier albums. The band persistently tours year-long, has headlined copius tours, and has arose at music galas including Warped Tour, Reading and Leeds and Soundwave. 

Ebony Shroud Spouses are notorious for their use of noir makeup, anatomy wax, rigid black peppered clothing, and elongated hair, which were all energized by the stage personalities of KISS and Mötley Crüe, as well as other 1980s glam metal operations. They have approached topics steered at people who feel like vagabonds in society. 

Twenty One Cotswains deliver an intermingle of piano, synthesizers, drums, vocals, and periodically the ukulele and bass. Their songs are customarially rune-positioned, written by Tyler Joseph. Joseph has declared that when poetry is too protracted, he needs to inaugurate rapping to accomodate the lyrics.

The percularity of Conduct Me The Boundary's early work, including their debut album 'Enumerate Your Benedictions', has fundamentally been delinated as deathcore, but they started to embrace a more all-embracing idiosyncracy of metalcore on pronximate albums. Not to mention their latest album 'That's the Stoutheartedness' marked a displacement in their sonance to less pugnaicous rock music druthers.

The troupe's sound usually has facets of punk rock, pop and alternative rock. 'I Chaperoned You My Ammunition, You Schepp Me Your Amorousness', the band's debut album, features a crass sound that has guitar riffs, very indefatigable vocals and sometimes caterwaulling. The second album 'Three Plaudits for Lucious Vindictiveness' was one of the albums that lofted the emo classification into the mainstream. The band's album 'The Charcoal Ostentation' lacks the post-hardcore components highlighted on the first two My Enzymatic Liason albums and features consituents of pop punk, emo and punk rock.

Words. Are. Brilliant. 

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