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We Fact-Checked All 50 Claims That Simple Creatures Make In Their ‘One Little Lie’ Video

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 25 October 2019 at 13.12

'One Little Lie'? More like MANY, MANY BIG LIES.

In case you missed it, Simple Creatures released their video for 'One Little Lie' last night. In the video, they make 50 unique claims - some of them fact, but a lot of them are fiction. 

If you haven't already watched the video for 'One Little Lie', check it out below so that the rest of this feature makes sense. Go on, we'll wait.

So, in light of these bold claims, we decided to go through and fact-check every single one them. It turns out that 'One Little Lie' isn't true either, because there's actually upwards of 15 big lies in their video. 

EDIT: We had a few of these wrong in the first version of this list. Mark Hoppus kindly corrected us, so you can see his corrections below as well. 

Starting with...

01. This is Mark - FALSE
This is actually Alex Gaskarth.

02. This is Alex - FALSE
This is actually Mark Hoppus.

03. You are not watching a music video - FALSE
Unless you're looking at this specific screenshot, you're watching the official music video for Simple Creatures' 'One Little Lie'.

04. Jealousy is often caused by unhappiness - TRUE
Psychologists recognise personal unhappiness as a reason for jealousy.

05. Big iPad - TRUE
It's big. It's an iPad: Confirmed.

06. “I lost my faith in drinking” - He definitely hasn’t, still loves drinking (responsibly) - TRUE
We personally witnessed Mark (responsibly) drinking a glass of red wine during blink-182's intimate show in London last week.

07. A shark has six rows of teeth - TRUE / FALSE
This actually varies from species to species. Some species have up to 15 rows of teeth.

08. Alex’s turn to sing - TRUE
He sings here.

09. Men lie twice as much as women, averaging six times a day - TRUE
This was confirmed in a poll undertaken by 20th Century Fox Entertainment for the release of season one of television show Lie To Me.

10. (Unless you’re in the music industry, that average is 100 times a day) - TRUE

11. Whiskey actually starts off as beer - TRUE
Whiskey is a more-distilled version of beer.

12. There are over 100,000 hairs on the human head - TRUE
And each follicle can grow on average 20 strands of hair in a lifetime.

13. The three main types of rocks are: igneous, sedimentary and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson - FALSE
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is not a rock. He is an actor, producer and former-wrestler. 

14. Women have a higher pain tolerance than men - TRUE
It's related to how quickly they forget, which honestly seems like a lie in itself because we never forget anything.

15. This explains how women put up with men - TRUE

16. Hot dad moves - TRUE

EDIT: An earlier version of this list had #16 down as FALSE. This has since been corrected by Mark Hoppus himself:

17. Fake rock - TRUE
Alex squishes it. Real rocks don't squish.

18. According to Google, Earth’s circumfrence is 24,901 miles - TRUE
True. Google does say that.

19. The average salt intake for a YouTube comments section is 3,300mg per day - FALSE
The average salt intake for a human is 2,300mg per day, so this estimate is woefully low.

20. The first foreign city Simple Creatures played was London - TRUE
We were there.

21. Alex was born in England - TRUE
He was born in Essex, then abandoned us for the US at the age of six. 

22. And as a kid was training to be a knight - TRUE
Despite the process of training knights ending in the 15th century, and the fact that Alex wasn't born until the 20th century, this is actually true.

23. There are 19 shark attacks a year in the US - FALSE
This is anti-shark propoganda, and the actual number averages at 16 per year in the US.

24. This shirt is available from - TRUE
You can get it here.

25. Lying is contagious - TRUE
Not to get political, but look at the Republican party. 

26. People lie an average of 126,000 times in their lifetime - TRUE
From the same people who brought you such truths as 'men lie twice as much as women'.

27. The human head weighs 8lbs, and is still completely empty - FALSE
The human head actually weighs 10lbs, and usually contains a brain (but there have been observable cases of an absence of brain).

28. One potential band name was Hot Cousins - TRUE
But everyone has a hot cousin (apparently), so that was taken.

29. Another was Modern Medicine - TRUE
Also true.

30. Mark is playing guitar - TRUE
You can tell because guitars typically have six strings, like the one Mark is holding here.

31. EP title in 3… 2… 1… - TRUE 
They sing 'Everything Opposite' at the end of the countdown.

32. The sock puppets took six hours to make - TRUE
EDIT: An earlier version of this list had this as unconfirmed. #32 - #34 have since been confirmed by Mark as being TRUE. April made the puppets.

33. Alex did not make them - TRUE
We have reached out to Simple Creatures' publicist for comment.

34. She did - TRUE
We have reached out to Simple Creatures' publicist for comment.

35. Pinocchio’s nose grew when he lied because he wasn’t real - TRUE
Pinocchio is a fictional puppet.

36. Mark and Alex are real boys - TRUE
Not to brag, but we've met them.

37. Big Little Lies is the sequel to Pretty Little Liars - FALSE
Just because they both have lies in the title doesn't mean they're connected.

38. Mark got his shirt at Chuck E. Cheese - FALSE
This looks like a different rodent. We suspect this might be a vintage iteration of Alvin from Alvin And The Chipmunks. 

EDIT: An earlier version of this list had this as UNCONFIRMED, BUT SUSPECTED FALSE. It turns out it is false, and the T-shirt was a gift from a Texas-based gas station called Buc-ee's.

39. Lie detectors don’t actually work - TRUE
Polygraph machines measure nerves and excitement, not lies. 

40. They aren’t actually playing any of these instruments - FALSE
Industry insider tip - bands pretend to play their instruments in music video shoots. 

EDIT: In an earlier version of this article we had this wrong, and Mark actually does insist on playing instruments during video shoots. 

41. People usually lie when they’re running out of time - FALSE
People lie for many reasons. Who really knows why Simple Creatures lied about who Alex and Mark are at the beginning of the video, when they appeared to have zero time constraints.

42. (This video is almost over, actually) - TRUE
There's only 35 seconds left.

43. Liar, Liar is an underrated movie - TRUE
It's a brilliant film.

44. So is Big Fat Liar - FALSE
It's not as good as Liar, Liar.

45. Compulsive lying makes you smarter - TRUE
It's a recognised psychological phenomenon that children who lie more end up being smarter. So all those times you lied to your parents about sneaking out shouldn't upset them, and they should actually be delighted they have such a smart child.

46. The keyboard has a self destruct button - TRUE
That would be incredibly unsafe and unnecessary. We also couldn't find a single keyboard model that has a self destruct button.

EDIT: We originally had this down as FALSE, but it turns out that it's TRUE. Big Yikes.

47. This light is red - FALSE
We're not even dignifying this with a statement.

48. The fancy word for lying is perjury - TRUE
So they're not liars, they're perjurers.

49. Lying burns up to 50 calories - TRUE
But for the record, any kind of talking for one hour burns on average 50 calories. 

50. No one can actually tell if you’re lying - FALSE
Here's 10 ways to tell someone is lying to you.

So there we have it. At least 15 lies in the space of one single music video.

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