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Waterparks’ Awsten Knight: “I Can’t Even Really Explain What A Big Deal It Was!”

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 30 December 2016 at 10.03

Awsten looks back at Waterparks' awesome 2016.

"It was so weird to have our album finally come out in November! The first song for ‘Double Dare’ was written back in August of last year, so it feels like we’ve been sitting on these tunes forever. To see it all come to life was incredible – I can’t even really explain what a big deal it was.

"At the beginning of last year we had nothing going on at all. We were still passing out flyers out the front of local shows and had never played a headline gig outside of our home state of Texas. Since then it’s totally exploded, we’ve done a full European tour and played Warped Tour, which is something I’ve wanted to do since I was 13. Literally a third of my bucket list for band stuff got checked off this year!

"Releasing the album was a huge thing on that list – I’d never made an album before so a lot of work went into it – you’re able to do so much more, creatively speaking, than on a four or five track EP.

"We wrote about 40 songs in total and the process of whittling them down was really hard. We were meant to do a 10 track album originally but we were like, ‘We have to include this song, and this one too!’ so it ended up expanding to 13.

"There are songs that didn’t make it through that process which I still listen back to and go, ‘Fuck, that’s so cool!’ and I hope someday people will get to hear them. Even if we’re not allowed to, I’ll probably just leak them!"

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