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Waterparks’ Awsten Knight Has Reached 100k Twitter Followers, So Here’s 100 Of His Best Tweets

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 8 January 2019 at 13.12

A momentous occasion calls for a momentous list.

What a day. Waterparks frontman Awsten Knight has officially achieved his goal of reaching 100,000 followers on Twitter! WHAT A DAY.

In celebration, we read through the past year worth of Awsten tweets and pulled out the 100 best. Yes, really. It took days. But we did it. Let's go. 

01. He's always thinking of us, truly

02. Please, respect his pivacy during this time

 03. Bets on those being the same five people?

04. Legend has it that by reading the lower-case Awsten tweet you'll have good luck for 12 months- so you're welcome 


06. What happened that made him have to tweet out this PSA?? 

07. The absolute disrespect of La Croix here 

08. And they say that romance is dead 


10. You know what, this one's on us 

11. There's no context here, we checked 


13. Put one on the setlist 

14. Poetry 

15. Wait- 

16. Character development, over the course of a single song. Love this. 

17. It's beautiful in its simplicity 

18. Honestly? Goals. 

19. There's something comforting about this 

20. Pancakes? Muffins? Album covers? We'll never know. 

21. If your FBI agent doesn't check in on you, that means you're doing fine, right? 

22. Who hurt Awsten? 

23. Yes. It's called a trenta and it's enormous. 

24. Would watch 

25. *very Shia LeBeouf voice* DO IT  

26. Self care with Awsten! 

27. Oh, mysterious boy~

27. Legends hanging with legends

28. A mood 

29.  We would have stood and saluted 

30. Follow @awsten  


32. Awsten won't stand by and let you disrespect Starbucks employees 

33. Only including this on the offchance that Johnny Depp's management are reading this list 

34. Daily reminder to stay hydrated!! 

35. It's playing a long-game but we respect it 

36. We are hearing less and less these days 

37. Please avoid posting about things that you enjoy if Awsten follows you on Twitter 

38. Our greatest fear is still Missy Elliott music videos 

39. Thee duality of sight 

40. You heard the man!

41. A very hot take 

42. Awsten is calling out evolution now 

43. We yawned just thinking about this 

44. In some label office, six years ago... 

45. Bi-annual reminder that Awsten isn't on Tinder 

46. And the National Treasure was inside all of us all along 

47. Burn it down. 

48. No context necessary. 

49. A modern tragedy 

50. Uuuuuuuuh

51. King of self care! Growth! 

52. Big fan of this 

53. We've all been here. 

54. Would this make the fireman regret his decision? Discuss. 

55. Say that to Don Broco's face 


57. We've all been there. 

58. Absolute state of that 

59. Remember the iHOB drama of 2018? Awsten remembers. 

60. Wait- what?

61. Who would want to live in a world where the purchase of chicken nuggets was limited? This is a terrible policy to take a stand on 

62. Okay, but we'd definitely watch this 

63. It was awesome. 

64. He's right, you know 

65. Just one of the things that minions have stolen from our generation 

66. Work out how into you he is by taking him to a themepark on a first date 

67. Just leavE HIM ALONE 

68. Do not do this 

69. Holy shit 

70. Another reminder that Awsten isn't on Tinder

71. It's the wild west of hayfever relief out on tour 

72. So the next Waterparks album art won't look like this. Cool cool cool cool cool cool cool. 

73. Occupy tumblr! 

74. How's the weather up there on your pedestal? 

75. Don't overthink it, he's right 

76. Fondly remembering the time that Awsten pretended to be Kyle Fletchers on television at Warped Tour 

77. Live you best life, even if you have six customisations on your Starbucks drink of choice 

78. Awsten shows us that you truly can have it all! 

79. Heads up 

80. The bar has been set

81. Don't you judge us 

82. THE MOOD OF 2018 

83. Great advice 

84. Weird, but we back it 

85. This doesn'T RHYME 

86. He's becoming self-aware 

87. Would watch 

88. They're just trying to make some 'Midnight Memories' 


90. We love you, typos and all

91. This shit AGAIN? 

 92. He's getting a blessing

93. Do not send Awsten your baby teeth. 

94. Please don't die 


96. He was so close on Christmas eve 

97. Okay, but wait for the context 


99. It's okay, we forgive you 

100. Oh, the foreshadowing 

Congrats, Awsten. We're all very proud. 

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