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Watch The New Grayscale Video Featuring Patty Walters From As It Is

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Rock Sound 27 June 2017 at 16.56


What happens when you mix one of the best new pop-punk bands, with one of the best UK pop-punk bands?

The new Grayscale video is what. 

The band teamed up with As It Is' Patty Walters for the song 'Come Undone', and we've got the first look at the video!

Check it out below.

"We had such an incredible time on tour with our brothers in As It Is this past spring", says Collin from Grayscale. "We travelled to so many places we've never been before and have stories from each and every one of them.

"Although capturing all of our experiences would be impossible, our video will give you a glimpse of what our first ever full U.S. tour was like. Hope you enjoy!"

And Patty explains how the collaboration came together, "We were on tour in Japan when Dallas sent me 'Come Undone' asking if I wanted to feature on it. I absolutely loved the song, and I recorded my vocals in an empty van at 1am in Tokyo that same day.

"The entire album is outstanding; I feel lucky to have contributed to it in a small way.

"We filmed my portion of the video in various hallways and elevators of the Masquerade in Atlanta. We were laughing the entire time filming the elevator shots, getting more and more outrageous with every take. Joining the Grayscale guys onstage every night was honestly so much fun. They're great musicians and even better people."

Grayscale's new album 'Adornment' is out now via Fearless Records and you can find out more about them inside this month's magazine! Here's how to get it...


Photo credit: Jordan Mizrahi

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