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Warped Tour 2008: A Retrospective

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 6 July 2018 at 11.19

10 years may have passed since the long hot summer of 2008, but we remember it fondly. What a year. What a line-up. What a scene. 

After previously looking back on the Warped line-ups of 2004 and 2005, we are now sticking our oar into 2008. The year where a new wave of world beaters were cutting their teeth and digging a hole deep into our hearts. 

It's hard to think back to when ATL weren't everybody's favourite pop-punk sweethearts, but back in 2008 they were still just four cheeky chappies trying to make a name for themselves. The band played 24 Warped dates on the Hurley stage promoting the now classic album 'So Wrong It's Right'.

Considering that a year later the band would release the brilliant 'Nothing Personal' and take the world by storm, it's fair to say that a few days out on the Warped Tour really helped to ignite the fire that they needed to become one of the biggest and best bands in the scene.  

With their second, and to some their finest, album 'Suicide Season' about to be released, Bring Me showed that they were truly ones to watch when they joined the tour for 24 dates on the Smartpunk stage. Adding the likes of 'The Comedown' and 'Chelsea Smile' to their already bludgeoning set, this was the band's chance to show that they were more than just some scruffy English deathcore kids.

Though they are a completely different outfit in 2018, this is the summer that helped make BMTH the band they are today. 

Often overlooked because of how brilliant the later albums in their catalogue are, 'A Flair Of The Dramatic' by Pierce The Veil is still an outrageous body of work. Warped 2008 gave the band a chance to introduce themselves to an audience who would grow to absolutely adore them in later years as they brought their flamboyant live show to the Hurley Stage.


William Beckett and friends were some of the hottest property on offer in 2008 and they spent the whole summer dealing out the sunshine on the Route 66 Stage. 

During their run they would release their third and, as it turned out final, full length 'Fast Times At Barrington High' and 'About A Girl' would be on absolutely everybody's lips.

This would turn out to be the band's final appearance on Warped Tour before they broke up. Wah. 

Back in 2008, it was Cobra Starship's world. We were just living in it. The band played every single date this summer bringing their brilliantly ignorant crunk punk to the masses. 

It was around the same time the band were taking over the world that Jeffree Starr was also becoming the star that we know today. Jeffree played 6 dates of the tour on the Hurley Stage and would be found having a lovely singsong with the band every now and then.  


Metalcore was at the brink of its renaissance back and the The Devil Wears Prada were leading the charge playing all summer on the Hurley Stage. 

Bang between the release of 'Plagues' and 'With Roots Above And Branches Below', the band were young, hungry and dealing out the bruality thick and fast. 


If you could pinpoint a moment that the new era of heaviness started, this is probably as central as you are going to get. 

Warped Tour has always been about variety and you don't get as varied as The Dillinger Escape Plan. Nestled nicely between the pop-punk and pop-rock, Dillinger played 5 dates of the tour on the ROUTE 66 stage. 

Obviously, it was absolutely fucking carnage. 

One of the most iconic and baffling, considering how massive she has become, bookings that Kevin Lyman has ever pulled out of his hat, Katy Perry crooned her way across the country on Warped Tour ten years ago. 'One Of The Boys' was set to sell thousands around the world in the coming months, but for a very period Katy was happy breaking hearts and having a mosh with all the pop-punk kids. 

Isn't it mad how life works out sometimes?

So there you have it. Another brilliant year of music presented in a lovely bitesize portion. God, we love you Warped Tour. 

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