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Warped Tour 2005: A Retrospective

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 3 July 2018 at 13.59

The summer of 2005. Warped Tour 05. The summer of like. Whatever you call it, it was the heyday for our scene. 

When you mention the words 'Warped Tour' and 'iconic' in the same sentence, this is usually the lineup that comes to mind. It was a big one. Not to overstate it, but it was possibly the biggest one.

Continuing on from our look back at Warped Tour 2004, we reminisce over the moments on Warped Tour 2005 that both shook and shaped the scene. 

This look provides context to what was going on with some of the biggest bands in our world, all those summers ago. Before they were selling out arenas, or before they were ideas (sorry, our condolences).

In 2005, Paramore were bursting on to the scene and played a run of 12 dates on Warped on the Shiragirl stage. During their run, the band released their debut album 'All We Know Is Falling'.

Their 2005 appearance was the beginning of something pretty big for them, with on stage collaborations with The Academy Is...' William Beckett, and playing to increasingly larger crowds, which luckily someone filmed:

2005 might have marked their first appearance, but that was only the start of Paramore's relationship with Warped Tour. Following on from their 12 appearances on the 2005 tour, Paramore played the next four tours before taking a year off in 2010 and returning in 2011 with their latest album 'Brand New Eyes'.


A Day To Remember
It's hard to recall a time when A Day To Remember weren't one of the biggest bands in our world, but Warped Tour 2005 remembers. 

A Day To Remember were busy making a name for themselves in 2005, having just released their debut album 'And Their Name Was Treason' through Indianola Records. 

Crucially, A Day To Remember won their spot on Warped Tour and played a single set on August 05, on the Ernie Ball Battle Of The Bands stage. Tragically there's no video footage of this pivotal moment, but their official video for 'Breathe Hope In Me' operates as a bit of a time capsule for that moment:

Following their 2005 appearance, A Day To Remember went on to play four runs on Warped Tour.


Gym Class Heroes
Travie McCoy's band Gym Class Heroes had their Warped debut in 2003, so by the time they jumped on the 2005 tour they were veterans.

Their run in 2005 was supporting the release of their debut album 'The Papercut Chronicles', which was released through Fueled By Ramen and the first iteration of Pete Wentz' label Decaydance Records. This all went down before they'd even had their breakthrough with the release of 'Cupid's Chokehold', which came the following year.

Fortunately, someone recorded a snippet of Gym Class Heroes performing 'Cupid's Chokehold' on Warped 2005:


Avenged Sevenfold
Remember a time when Avenged Sevenfold weren't playing their own massive tours? Filling out arenas and ampitheatres around the world? Take a look back at Warped Tour 2005.

Supporting the release of their first major label album 'City Of Evil', Avenged Sevenfold headlined Warped Tour 2005 having played the previous three tours.

They played the full summer on the Mike Stage, which they shared with the likes of The All-American RejectsMillencolin and Matchbook Romance, among others.


My Chemical Romance
After their breakthrough success on a side-stage on the 2004 tour, My Chemical Romance returned to Warped Tour in 2005 as headliners on the Bishop Stage, alongside Fall Out BoyThrice and Hawthorne Heights

Following the release of their breakthrough album 'Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge' in 2004 (which went platinum in less than a year), My Chem had truly started to break the mainstream. They spent the early parts of 2005 touring with Green Day as their opening act in the US on their iconic 'American Idiot' tour, and as co-headliners on the first ever Taste Of Chaos. 

The drew consistently large crowds all summer at Warped, cementing them forever as one of the most important bands in the scene. 

One of the most iconic moments from the 2005 Warped run with My Chemical Romance happened when Fall Out Boy frontman Patrick Stump joined them on stage to play drums during 'Thank You For The Venom'.

When asked about it a couple of years later, Patrick said "I played with My Chemical Romance once, at Warped tour. I played a song with them on drums. It was awesome. I was really nervous though because I hadn't played drums in, like, 5 years. I'm sitting in this little trailer, like a backstage room, and I'm sitting there and I'm practising my ass off and Gerard's like, "dude! It's OK, man, calm down!", and I'm like "NO NO NO! I haven't played in FIVE YEARS! YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND!". I took it really seriously and the song's, like, two minutes long."

Truly, an iconic moment.

They then went on to release 'Life On The Murder Scene' in early 2006, a DVD chronicling the band's history and following their two runs on Warped Tour (and it's still one of the best music documentaries ever, don't @ us).


Fall Out Boy
Warped Tour 2005 saw Fall Out Boy transition from a side-stage, to being a Grammy-nominated band with a triple-platinum album in the form of 'From Under The Cork Tree'. Fall Out Boy had released their follow up to 'Take This To Your Grave' in May, and co-headlined Warped 2005 the following month. 

In Detroit, their set was famously cut short due to an uncontrollable crowd:

Another important moment in the summer of 2005 was the burgeoning friendship between fellow bassists Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy, and Mikey Way of My Chemical Romance. 

This friendship turned in to the formation of the 'Sweet Lil Dudes Club', with Wentz and Way as the only two members. The friendship between the two bassists has continued far beyond the summer of 2005, as you can see:

It also opened up the opportunity for this to happen, 10 years later.


At the beginning of 2005 Underoath joined their Warped Tour-mates My Chemical Romance on the inaugural Taste Of Chaos tour, before heading out on their own headline tour of the US. 

They were initially offered to play the entire Warped run in 2005, but declined in order to go back in to the studio to record their 2006 follow up 'Define The Great Line'.

Over the course of the life of Warped Tour, Underoath have played five times, including an appearance at a handful of dates on the final 2018 run.


And there you have it. 2005. Truly an iconic moment in our world, with a line-up to be rivalled.

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