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Void Of Vision’s Jack Bergin: “Our Creativity Has Helped Me Become Even More Of Who I Am Today”

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 29 April 2022 at 15.03

"I haven't felt this safe putting something out, which is odd because it's the most out-there stuff of our journey so far"

Void of Vision have just released 'HEAVEN', the second part of their 'CHRONICLES' series of EPs via UNFD. 

And you have never heard them sound quite like this. 

Letting all of the things that inspire them run freely, both in terms of writing music and creating visuals, the band have created a sound and style that pushes the limits of what heavy music can be. Owing as much to club and fetish culture as it does to mosh pits and breakdowns, it is some of the most ostentatious and outstanding material the band have ever produced.

And even with all of the pulsating synths, bludgeoning riffs and euphoric emotion that is on display, it still only feels like the tip of the blackened iceberg of what the future will hold. 

We had a little catch-up with vocalist Jack Bergin to find out how he feel more like himself that ever before, both inside and outside of the band...

You're in the middle of what is clearly a big project for the band, so how does it feel to work in such a way again, especially with the lengths you are going to with this era?
"It feels awesome. It's not like we were necessarily waiting to create during the pandemic, but our creation had a lot of buffers on it. There were restrictions in place, and we were just trying to make things work the best we could. But now, we have all of this freedom to do everything fully fledged like how we planned out the blueprint, and that feels so refreshing. It was fun creating with restrictions, but it created a challenge and provided a bit of spice that we wouldn't have gotten otherwise. But I'm glad to be back in a space where we have total control over everything."

And that control has allowed you to make some of the most vulnerable, strange, varied and punishing work of Void of Vision's whole career and show off a side to yourself that you probably never had before…
"Yeah, and the strange thing is that I think it took the pandemic for all of that to be unlocked. It's so weird to think it has been inside of me this whole time. The drive has always been a part of my being, but to put this side of me out there and be one with it is really special. And this part of this series is our most defining work to date. It's also the proudest that I have been of our work as well. It all feels so good. And especially within the visuals, and unlocking that side of me there that I have never been able to toy with before, I haven't felt this safe putting something out, which is odd because it's the most out-there stuff of our journey so far. It all just comes together perfectly, and it's an incredible feeling to have."

So, where did the spark to be able to step into all of this come from, would you say? What was the moment where you felt that comfort initially?
"I think that, funnily enough, the individuality of all of this came from having to be an individual. I spent more time with just myself than I ever have before over the course of the past two years. Being a touring band, you're always out on the road and then figuring out how to create, and the time for perspective just isn't there. So over the lockdowns, so many musicians were forced to spend time with themselves in their creative and outside world. There was a certain stage where we thought, 'What if this never comes back? What if this is all forever?' and you tell the people who took that scare and turned it into something beautiful and powerful. In my mind, if we were able to come back, I wanted to come back as big as we ever have been before. Why waste any more time? And it's all things that have always been there, so once we unlocked it, it was hard to stop it. Now I want to go full fledge and never slow down for the rest of this band's time."

And the thing is that you could easily have gone back to the comfort of what you knew when things started to ease up…
"Exactly, but it's the fact that being locked up in that way changed us so many other things. It changed the way I dress and how I behave in public, so bringing that into the band was something that I just had to do. I couldn't ignore that. It's taught me so much about myself, and knowing that our creativity has helped me become even more of who I am today has been so outstanding."

So have these projects been very much a, 'Let's see how we get on' with each stage and working when the time comes? If so, when did 'HEAVEN' start to be the focus after 'LUST', and what did 'LUST' teach you to prepare you for 'HEAVEN'?
"I would say that 'HEAVEN' was us harnessing 'LUST', which is pure power to bring ourselves to life and push ourselves up to the next level. The best part of this EP series has been that we have been writing on the run. So when 'LUST' dropped, we were in the final stages of writing 'HEAVEN'. This is the same as now, where we have started the final parts of the next release when this one is coming out. It's honestly been like clockwork. So with 'HEAVEN', it was a case of harnessing the most creatively strong moments of our lives so far, because of the individualism that we had all come into leading up to it. 'LUST' allowed us to have some comfortability, so then we could spice everything up even further this time around. Obviously, there is a lot more of an electronic influence in these songs, but I feel like we really nailed it in combining our influences from there with our heavier influences as well."

Much of what 'LUST' is centred around is the build-up of a feeling just before it explodes - the same as having lust for a people. But then the next stage of that is 'HEAVEN', the unbridled feeling of what it is to act on that initial lust. It's a pretty solid metaphor for what you've done musically and physically…
"Absolutely, and this EP is a lot more centred about love, really. It's our experiences of taking the plunge and the things we have done in our own lives. It carries on the desire of 'LUST', but then it's what happens when that is then stripped away, and you can harness the power of your individual self and the strength that comes with that. That's how you can then truly learn about who you are in the realm of love, and how you can find strength in another person as well. It's a strange feeling that you have to take something away to then come back with it, and it feels more powerful. This EP is about finding that position and making that change. It then bridges the gap perfectly for what the next stage is."

It's fascinating to see how much that intention has changed in such a short amount of time in the grand scheme of things. Look at what you were channelling back on 'Kill All MY Friends' and on the 'Disturbia' EP, and compare that to now, and it is like night and day…
"Yeah, that's so bang on. It's interesting to look back and not even be able to think about or remember what I was feeling at that time. It all feels so blurry, and I struggle to recall it. But then you compare that to the clarity that I feel now. It's so insane that I have been able to bring in from every corner of my life in the way I have."

You're also bringing in a culture that has always had a close relationship with heavy music, and that's the Berlin club and techno scenes…
"The two cultures align so well in my brain. I don't know if other people will view it as clear as I do, but both heavy music and techno have cult followings devoted to the experience. It just feels like a no-brainer to bring them together in the band. And we are writing in a way now where we will start out with a purely metal song or a purely techno song, and we work in. And we love working it out with both, and I think it's something that has been missing from music culture too. It feels like we are filling a big hole that we have felt within everything up until now, and it all feels so correct in our brains. If people see it as foreign, I want to be the band that shows people just how much is shared between the two."

So, as you look towards the next stage of the 'CHRONICLES' project, what are the things that you are feeling the most excited about?
"I feel like it will incorporate the weird and wonderful that people haven't seen from Void of Vision yet. The feeling that came from 'LUST' was that we were working to our strengths. 'HEAVEN' came from knowing that we would surprise people. And to see that we will be coming out again with the feeling that there will be even more surprises in store the next time round feels very exciting. I just want people to be on their toes with it all. And this newfound energy will come across in a very different form. We're just going to be letting it loose."

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