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Vic Fuentes: “Part Of Me Wanted To Hide Everything From Everyone…”

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 23 December 2016 at 10.24

Pierce The Veil's frontman looks back at 2016 in this month's Rock Sound. Here's a taste.

"On March 18 we put out this video that was an epic, ‘Here it comes!’ and I just watched the plays and the comments! It always feels great to see any sort of reaction. At that point it really felt like everything was going to be okay, but also like we had a lot of work to do. I still feel like there are always new levels that you can reach.

"I didn’t really want to tell everyone about how the album was made at first, because there were a lot of mixed feelings internally for me about telling people the real story of the whole process. People were always asking, ‘What’s taking so long?’ Part of me wanted to hide everything from everyone.

"I didn’t want anything negative to be around our band, but now that we’ve got it out and everyone is happy about the way things are going, it feels okay to be able to tell everybody what was going on, because there was a lot of doubt and shame.

"You feel responsible for this whole thing. I think having that feeling of relief and fresh air makes me feel like a new person, makes me feel revived again. That’s where I’m at right now. It’s really nice."

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