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Twenty One Pilots: Music Video History

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 6 December 2018 at 14.21

There's six years of history here for you to be brought up to speed on.

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There's six years of history that pre-dates 'Trench'- here's everything you need to know to get you up to speed, through Twenty One Pilots' music videos.

2012 - 'GONER'

Tyler plans things very far in advance. This video of 'Goner' pre-dates their signing to Fueled By Ramen, and certainly pre-dates the official release of 'Goner' as a track on 'Blurryface'. 'Blurryface' didn't even exist yet. 'Vessel' didn't even exist yet. This was the first taste of Twenty One Pilots that the world had, in an official video format. 


'Holding On To You' was Twenty One Pilots' major label debut, and it's pretty damn beautiful. Black and white, skeleton ballerinas, choreography... It's everything you could want in a video.

2012 - 'HOUSE OF GOLD'

Take a sweet song about wanting to do right by your parents in their old age, and add a healthy dose of dismembered body parts and you've got yourself the 'House Of Gold' video. 


'Guns For Hands' introduced us all to the balaclavas that became such a huge part of the Twenty One Pilots branding during the 'Vessel' era. It seems hard to imagine a time when they weren't donning their balaclavas to open their sets, but in a time pre-'Guns For Hands' that was the case.

2013 - 'CAR RADIO'

An absolute staple of their live shows for five years now, 'Car Radio' is still a fan-favourite and a powerful video. Catch the cinematic parallels between 'Car Radio' and 'Levitate' with the head-shaving. 

2013 - 'LOVELY'

'Lovely' was a video that came with the Japanese release of 'Vessel', and while not officially released online, it gets a nod on this list.

2013 - 'MIGRAINE'

The video for 'Migraine' was released as a UK exclusive in 2013, and is sadly regionally blocked (sorry, rest of the world). For fun, catch Josh counting the beats during the lyric "depressssssssssssing thoughts" at 1:01.

2014 - 'ODE TO SLEEP'

And with 'Ode To Sleep' we farewelled the 'Vessel' era with a nostalgic montage of how far they'd come. 


It's probably not true love if your significant other can't make you feel the way you felt when you heard the opening bars of 'Fairy Local' for the first time. That's all we have to say on that.


Fun fact: you can visit the filmset for 'Tear In My Heart' in Los Angeles! It's literally China Town, and is open to the public. Live your best life.


1.4 billion views makes 'Stressed Out' the biggest video in Twenty One Pilots' discography. Also, our first introduction to their handshake- a handshake that we all went away and learned pretty much immediately, let's be honest.

2015 - 'LANE BOY'

The choreography in this is phenomenal, and made even better for the fact that Twenty One Pilots continue to include the gasmask-clad hazmat dancers in their live show.

2015 - 'RIDE'

Wait, is that the jacket from 'Jumpsuit'?

2016 - 'HEATHENS'

While a part of what is ostensibly one of the most okay-est movies of the 2000s, this video is a cinematic masterpiece. 


'heavydirtysoul' ended the 'Blurryface' era in a very dramatic way. But what we didn't know at the time that it wasn't an ending- it was just the beginning. The beginning of 'Trench'. A full 18 months before 'Trench' was even a whisper. Poetry.

2018 - 'JUMPSUIT'

And thus, 'Jumpsuit' picks up where 'heavydirtysoul' left off. Everyone remembers where they were when Twenty One Pilots announced their return by dropping the 'Jumpsuit' video after a year of radio silence. An absolute moment.


The second of a three-part story from 'Trench', 'Nico And The Niners' follows the narrative started in the 'Jumpsuit' video. Fun fact- it was filmed in Josh's high school in the Ukraine- go Dolphins!

2018 - 'LEVITATE'

And 'Levitate' makes three. Wrapping up the first story from 'Trench'.

2018 - 'MY BLOOD'

The first departure from the 'Trench' narrative takes the form of the 'My Blood' video. A touching, seasonal (Halloween) video, which has a subtly-hinted throwback to the 'Vessel'-era hoodies that they used to wear. 

And that wraps it up- for now! 

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