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Track By Track: Young Culture On Their New EP ‘(This Is) Heaven’

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 17 January 2019 at 12.13

Before '(This Is) Heaven' is released tomorrow, the lads in Young Culture are taking you through it, track by track.

Young Culture are set to drop their EP '(This Is) Heaven' tomorrow through Equal Vision in partnership with Rude Records, and it has some pretty good pop-punk pedigree. 

Last year Young Culture announced the EP and released the debut single 'Drift', which was co-produced by State Champs frontman Derek DiScanio, and producer Sam Guaiana (he's also produced Like Pacific, Coldfront, Rarity, and We Were Sharks)- and the rest is history! 

With '(This Is) Heaven' available everywhere tomorrow, we got the lads in Young Culture to explain it, track by track. Over to Young Culture:

'Deluxe' (Troy [Burchett, guitarist]):
'Deluxe' started out as just a short lead guitar riff I wrote in high school. I played around with it forever but nothing satisfying ever materialized. It wasn’t until right after I joined Young Culture that it found a home in a chord progression I had been working on. I brought it to the guys when we started working on new material. Alex [Magnan, vocalist] wrote a hook, Gabe [Pietrafesa, guitarist] finished the leads, and Nick [Cavin, drummer] mapped out the drums. The song was finished within minutes. I think how naturally the whole thing came together can really be heard in how naturally the song flows. 'Deluxe' was technically the first track we completed for '(This Is) Heaven' so I find it super fitting that it kicks the whole thing off.

'Breathe It In' (Alex):
'Breathe It In' is the anthem of this EP. It's our 21st century wake up call to the people who complain about everything, the people who grumble on about wanting to see changes in the world but never actually take a step to make change themselves. A reminder to take a breath and appreciate all the good in life.

'21 Days' (Nick):
This is a song that came together in the eleventh hour. It was two days before heading to record our EP, with Sam Guaiana, and we still hadn’t settled on a fifth song with the demos we had. Gabe had one more riff that we hadn’t touched yet, so the two of us worked all night crafting the instrumental. I had jokingly said we should call the demo '21' because Gabe was turning 21 (this past December). When we got to the studio Alex was still working out ideas, he was feeling out the song when he sang the chorus, and we all immediately jumped out of our seats, we knew we had it.

'Never Changed' (Gabe):
'Never Changed' is special to me because it was the first time I was able to incorporate my beats and production in a Young Culture song. The whole band wanted a slower song on the EP, but didn’t want it to just be another typical “acoustic ballad”.  So, to make it stand out, we incorporated all of our influences. When Alex had shown us 'Never Changed', we all knew it was the one. I spent all night in our hotel room in Toronto designing sounds and experimenting with certain techniques to create the perfect environment for this song to sit in. When we took it to the studio the next day, it went from a little project on my laptop to a massive production we were all stoked on!

'Drift' (Alex):
Sometimes you just know right away when you've written "the one". This song felt right on all levels, and we knew it was a perfect first single. 'Drift' really ties together the vibe and the themes of '(This Is) Heaven', which is being able to take a bad situation and turn it into something beautiful.

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