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Track By Track: Twin Atlantic ‘Free’

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 26 April 2011 at 12.30

Frontman Sam McTrusty walks us through the band’s debut album ‘Free’.

With the release of Twin Atlantic’s brilliant debut ‘Free’ creeping closer and closer (May 02 for those counting down the days), frontman Sam McTrusty has written an exclusive guide to what’s sure to be one of the records of the year...

01. Edit Me
“This song is for people who just can't be fucked being pushed around anymore. There comes a point where you realise you need to be yourself and if people don't like it, deal with it. Also, before this song was named we called it ‘Party Vibe Tune’... Bit of a contrast?!”

02. Time For You To Stand Up
“Bruce Forsyth has been on TV for years now, as has Noel Edmonds. If they were to listen to this song I feel like they might say ‘Can you please turn that Scottish moany shit off, please? I'm practicing for the TV... You know not to distract me when I'm getting in the zone! How many years have we worked together now and you still play loud distorted guitar songs that are full of melody and catchy vocals when I'm meditating pre-show. What are they called anyway? What? That's a shit name.’ How gutted would you be if you heard either of them say that? I know I would be.”

03. Apocalyptic Renegade
“You greedy bastard. That's what you'll say. I'm a greedy wee shit... even when I know everything is fucked I'll still be consuming and destroying. But on a lighter note: we’re all going to die! Hooray! What type of ego-driven arsehole would write a song about that? That's right, you guessed it...There are a few songs where Barry and I use our different playing styles and bounce them off each other and then volley them off a wall. This is one.”

04. Yes, I Was Drunk
“It’s about a guy who feels the pressure. Gets wrecked one night, freaks out, drives drunk to feel dangerous and alive but ultimately the rush pushes him over the edge and he loses control and commits suicide. Quite a cheery theme.”

05. Dreamember
“I have a real issue with dreaming. I can't remember anything when I wake up and for some reason that really fucks me off. I always think I'm missing out on some part of my imagination that could be the key to me being the next greatest mind on the earth... but sadly I will never know and therefore remain a moron. Ross' bass line on this song is so triumphantly phat, he definitely earns MVP on this weird Goldfrapp-inspired number. This was new territory for our band that we feel pushes all our buttons in terms of progress.”

06. Free
“I've always thought music is meant to liberate you and help you escape all the bullshit. When you start to realise that a lot of music is in fact heavily fake and ironically founded on bullshit it can really make you question what you choose to listen to. This song is for anyone who feels like they can't connect to any new music for a lack of substance or passion. I know I sometimes feel that way and there must be like-minded people out there. It liberated us as musicians.”

07. Crash Land
“This is a song we have been playing live for about two years and the response from our fanbase has been incredible, especially as we had never actually recorded it until now. Our producer Gil Norton and engineer Dan Austin were really inspiring when it came to recording this track and helped us achieve a real natural sound with the acoustic guitar and vocal tracks. No studio magic, it’s all about the performance and me being terrified of flying.”

08. Make a Beast of Myself
“Quite a pretty-sounding big rock moment on the record. The lyrics are inspired from my love and respect of the late writer and journalist Hunter S Thompson... but on the other hand I’m talking about the Virgin Mary being an alcoholic so lets not be too precious here.”

09. The Ghost of Eddie
“Eddie, Eddie, who the fuck is Eddie? Probably my favourite song to play on the record. A song that again started as a joke but morphed into a rocking monster that sticks in your head and makes you want to fight loads of nuns or small animals. Don't do that, though, because it wouldn't be funny or smart. Why not listen to the song and get the aggression out by furiously cooking soup? Scream at the stove, ‘You're just a pot of soup!’ Seriously, though, this song is all about the grunge and a large riff. Grunge ain’t dead!”

10. Serious Underground Dance Vibe.
“This is an instrumental. Barry brought it to the band with the idea of having singing over his parts but we decided to let the music speak for itself. We named the song when we were in America on the Fall Of Troy tour when we found a flyer for a club night called Serious Underground Dance Vibes.”

11. Eight Days
“Sent away for a Rock Sound subscription one day and every day I would check the mail for my first instalment to arrive. It took about eight days to arrive - the longest eight days of my life. It inspired the chorus to this song and I ran with it. Also, it's a song about unity and love.”

12. Wonder Sleeps Here
“I went to Brazil for about a month to study the female form and how men relate to it. I met a young passionate homeless couple who fell in love and out of it again just as quick. This song has nothing to do with them. All I can say is ‘Waltzing Matilda’, and get those tissues ready.”

13. We Want Better Man
“It's almost a song of two halves and without Craig’s drums it probably wouldn't make sense. Like a lot of our songs this started as a joke, saying ‘We want better, man!’ in a kind of comedy Bill And Ted fashion, but then realised actually we do want better so let's write a song about it and stop being wide.”

‘Free’ will be released next week via Red Bull Records, catch Twin Atlantic at the following UK headline dates:

30 - ABERDEEN Lemon Tree
01 - INVERNESS Ironworks
03 - NEWCASTLE O2 Academy 2
05 - MANCHESTER Academy 3
06 - GLASGOW Barrowlands
07 - LEEDS Cockpit
08 - NOTTINGHAM Rock City
10 - BIRMINGHAM O2 Academy 3
11 - BRISTOL Fleece
12 - SOUTHAMPTON Joiners

Tickets available right here.

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